How to create prints of your iPhone photos

Give your favorite iPhone images a life off-line by turning them into beautiful, full-color prints on photo paper.

Tricks for editing your iPhone photos

A few tweaks in a photo editor can greatly improve your iPhone photographs, whether they were taken with a first-generation iPhone's 2-megapixel camera or the iPhone 4's 5-megapixel camera.

Photography tips for your summer vacation

You can record and enjoy your summer travels at the same time. You just need to heed these photography tips, and to pack the right gear.

Four times when you should shoot raw

Does your camera allow you to shoot in raw mode? If so, when's the best time to do so? Ben Long lays out four situations in which you'll want to use it.

How to use your camera's white balance controls

The human eye can adjust automatically to different light sources, so that color appears correct under each of them, but your camera must be calibrated to a light source to properly represent color. This calibration process is called white balancing. Here's how to set your camera's white balance controls.

Why the iPad isn't for me

Ben Long spent six days with the iPad, using it for a variety of tasks in a multitude of positions. He tried desperately to find some way to make the device fit into his life, and he failed.

How to use depth of field to take better pictures

Depth of field control is one of the most important tools in a photographer's arsenal. When you understand how it works, you can reduce the distraction of busy backgrounds, or ensure that everything in your image is razor sharp. Here is a primer to get you started.

Choose the best photo-printing paper

Using the right paper is an easy way to upgrade the quality of your photo prints. Find out how to pick the best finish, brand, and type of paper for your images.

Seven unusual gadgets for photographers

We rounded up an assortment of cool photo-related accessories that provide truly useful utility, are well-made, and worth consideration by any serious shooter, no matter what their skill level.

How to choose the right tripod for you

No matter how much you've spent on your fancy camera gear, it's very often a tripod that can make the difference between a successful shot and a blurry useless smear. Here are some things to consider when shopping.

Build your own home media server

Do you more storage, and for it to be accessible across your network? Ben Long shows you how to put together a Drobo-like home media server for less money and with more flexibility.