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San Francisco journalist Bill Snyder writes frequently about business and technology. He writes the Tech's Bottom Line blog for InfoWorld, and his work appears regularly in and the publications of Stanford's Graduate School of Business and the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. He welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Google Flight Search: Not quite ready for prime time

After testing Google's new Flight Search feature, CIO's Bill Snyder thinks the fare-finding service isn't quite ready to compete with heavy hitters like

Mozilla's rapid Firefox releases are killing me

CIO's Bill Snyder doesn't care for the ramped-up pace of updates for Firefox and Thunderbird.

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Smartphone data plans: Keeping bandwidth usage in check

With smartphone service providers phasing out unlimited data plans, users have to be vigilant about checking their bandwidth usage. CIO's Bill Snyder has a few tips.

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Five ways to protect your smartphone

With malware popping up on the Android Market, CIO looks at smartphone security and comes up with some tips for keeping your phone safe from would-be threats.

Cyberspace gives iPhone, iPad users browsing alternative's Bill Snyder looks at Cyberspace, a mobile browser that combines some features of Chrome and mobile Safari, along with innovations of its own.

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Experts: Smartphone security threats overdramatized

Experts at last week's RSA Conference agreed that mobile threats are potentially serious, but are still rarely seen in the real world.

SnapTax lets you file your taxes using your iPhone

It's almost March and that means tax day is marching relentlessly closer. As always, the major providers of tax prep software have tweaked their offerings and...