Blair Hanley FrankContributor, Macworld

SocialFolders keeps track of your cloud data

Link your social accounts with the SocialFolders website, and then download the SocialFolders app, which syncs all of your media to a set of folders on your Mac.

Starting out in college, the Mac way

Summer intern Blair Hanley Frank is heading off the college as a freshman. In his farewell post, he gives us a peek at his tech supply list.

Gyration Air Mouse

Although it’s cramped for on-table use, Gyration's Air Mouse is surprisingly comfortable when used in mid-air.

Microsoft Explorer Mouse

The Explorer Mouse is a solid mouse. If you’re constantly working on non-standard surfaces, then the Explorer Mouse is probably right for you.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2009 Deluxe Edition

Mavis Beacon's beautiful interface, iTunes integration, spot-on lessons and engaging practice material are perfect for learning how to type.

iPhone 3G S: Long night's journey into day

Ever thought about camping out overnight in front of an Apple Store in advance of a big product launch? When you've got an intern armed with Twitter, you don't have to.

Bag options abound for Apple’s new notebook

WaterField Designs has announced a new SleeveCase custom-fitted for the unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro unveiled this week. And Tom Bihn noted that many of its bags also fit the latest MacBook Pro.

Take your iPod for a spin with new Philips offering

The SBD8100 and SBD700, announced by Philips as part of the Consumer Electronics Show, feature a rotating dock for realigning your iPod to a horizontal orientation.

Expo Notes: Up close with Shure’s X2u mic adapter

At Expo, Shure is showcasing the X2u, a small module that connects straight to the XLR cables used by most professional audio microphones and then connects to your Mac via USB. We take a closer look.

Expo: Bevy of Griffin accessories unveiled

Accessory maker Griffin Technology always announces a lot of new offerings at Macworld Expo, and 2009 is no exception. Here’s a trio of eye-catching products.

Bus-powered hard drives and older Mac laptops

Macworld Lab tests a plethora of older Macs to see how they handle bus-powered USB portable hard drives.