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Verizon Guy: "Yes, I can hear you now" on my iPhone

On the same day Verizon began and then halted pre-orders for the iPhone 4, the company launched an ad in which the Verizon Guy holds up an Apple smartphone and delivers his signature line.

iPad touch screen

ChangeWave: iPads cannibalizing netbooks

Apple's iPad tablet computer is indeed taking a big bite out of planned netbook sales, according to market watcher ChangeWave.

Android robot

Android piles on its U.S. smartphone market share lead

Popularity of the Google Android mobile operating system is showing no signs of slowing down, with the OS being found in 44 percent of smartphones purchased during the third quarter.

Top reason for Facebook unfriending: Too many useless posts

The No. 1 reason why friends dump friends on Facebook is when they get fed up seeing too many useless posts, according to new research out of the University of Colorado Denver Business School

cell phone

iPhones, iPads secure enough, but what about Android devices?

Apple has done enough security-wise with its iPhone and iPad to make many CSOs comfortable with the mobile devices connecting to corporate networks, but Google's Android still has a ways to go, Network World's Bob Brown writes.