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iSuppli: iPad way ahead of the pack

After a brief dip in late 2011, the Apple iPad has firmly reasserted its position as the dominant player in the tablet market.

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iPhone dominates in consumer satisfaction

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index has found, unsurprisingly, that people really like their iPhones.

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CTIA: At a show full of pom-pom waving, Sprint's Hesse sounds a warning

CTIA is normally a show where you hear about the dazzling future that the wireless industry will bring about. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, however, thinks carriers...

Kindle Fire now accounts for more than half of U.S. Android tablets

When people refer to "Android tablets," they may soon just be referring to the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Apple blowing Android away in enterprise

With BlackBerry on the decline, there's a battle heating up for enterprise smartphone users, and so far Apple is winning by a mile.

Boston's MBTA to turn your smartphone into a personal ticket machine

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority this fall will become the first American railway system in the United States to allow riders to preorder and display their tickets entirely through their smartphones.

2012: The year LTE becomes a standard, not a luxury

The mobile industry may well remember 2012 as the year when LTE became the dominant wireless technology in the United States.

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Survey: Developer interest in Android slowly eroding

A new survey of more than 2,100 app developers released jointly by IDC and mobile development platform vendor Appcelerator Tuesday found that 78.6 percent of developers were interested in creating apps for Android smartphones during the first quarter of 2012. That's down from 83.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011.

AT&T outlines spring LTE rollout plans

AT&T isn't taking a spring break when it comes to LTE deployments, expanding to a dozen more cities over the next three months.

Google takes on iTunes store with Google Play

Google has finally created the last missing piece that it needs to compete with Apple in the digital content retail space.

AT&T's app developer billing scheme: Will app makers buy in?

AT&T's trial balloon of charging app developers for bandwidth their users consume might not stay in the air very long.