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AT&T still top dog for iPhone users

Other carriers may have the iPhone now but it seems AT&T is still the top choice for iPhone users.

BlackBerry outage hits U.S.

The BlackBerry outage that started Monday in Europe, the Middle East and Africa has now spread to North America.

Google preps developers for one-size-fits-all Android update

Google is preparing Android developers for the latest edition of its Android mobile operating platform that will work the same on both tablets and smartphones.

Sprint sues to block AT&T-T-Mobile merger

Sprint isn't letting the Department of Justice have all the fun when it comes to filing suits against the proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger.

Sprint's mysterious Oct. 7 event fuels more iPhone, LTE speculation

Sprint poured more fuel on the iPhone rumor fire Tuesday by announcing a mysterious "strategy update" for press and analysts scheduled for Oct. 7 in New York.

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Q&A: Tech patent expert Florian Mueller on smartphone lawsuits

A question-and-answer session with the writer of the FOSS Patents blog.

Four things you need to know about Adobe Edge

While you shouldn't expect Adobe Edge to replace its Flash standard anytime soon, it will act as a gateway for the company to start using HTML5.

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Law firm rallies AT&T customers to block T-Mobile merger

Law firm Bursor & Fisher wants AT&T customers to help it stop the AT&T-T-Mobile merger and is using the prospect of a $10,000 arbitration payment to sell the idea.

AT&T still besting Verizon in iPhone activations

If Verizon thought it could swoop in and take AT&T's iPhone market share overnight, it thought wrong. In the recent quarter, AT&T reported activating 3.6 million iPhones, roughly 56 percent greater than the 2.3 million iPhones activated by Verizon in the same three-month period.

Google's Schmidt brushes off Android patent suits as 'legal fun'

The chairman of Google says he isn't "too worried" about patent lawsuits from the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle that target the company's Android operating system.

Research firm: Android fans flocking to iPad for tablet fix

A research note from Canaccord Genuity now claims that the iPad is the tablet of choice even among Android smartphone users.

Report: Verizon grabs nearly a third of iPhone market share

According to new data released Thursday by Localytics, a mobile analytics firm in Cambridge, Mass., Verizon powered 32 percent of all iPhone 4 devices in the U.S. so far this month.

Consumer Reports: Tiered Verizon plans no biggie for most customers

Most Verizon customers won't be shedding tears over new data-plan tiers, according to a new analysis from Consumer Reports.

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How RIM is getting left behind

Brad Reed of Network World looks at the challenges facing Research In Motion, as the BlackBerry maker struggles to regain its footing amid increased competition.

Comcast, Skype to bring HD video calling to your TV

Comcast has reached an agreement with Skype to bring its HD video calling capabilities right into your living room television.