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Smartphone smackdown: Motorola Droid vs. iPhone 3GS

The new Motorola Droid could be the most serious smartphone challenger yet to the iPhone 3GS. Network World looks at why.

Why the iPhone can't be killed

The Palm Pre is the latest would-be iPhone killer that hasn't knocked Apple]s phone off its perch.

EarthLink suffers Earth Day crash

ISP EarthLink was hit with a major outage Wednesday, with EarthLink users unable to access their e-mail or any Web pages hosted by the company.

Sprint to deploy WiMAX in 10 U.S. cities in 2009

Sprint plans to deploy its WiMAX services to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Portland, and Seattle in 2009.

Broadband stimulus: Where do fiber, wire options fit?

Bringing broadband to underserved areas of the United States may benefit from a combination of wired and wireless infrastructure.

New Bluetooth standards to bring speed, energy efficiency

If all goes according to plan, Bluetooth could soon help you monitor your heart rate.

Fiber showdown looms as Verizon builds in AT&T territory

Verizon's FiOS push in Texas could be good news for consumers looking for Internet provider options.

Smartphone subsidies may spell trouble for telcos

The Yankee Group says that the global economic downturn will drive down demand for smartphones like Apple's iPhone and that carriers may have to stop subsidizing the cost of handsets.

Maryland court tackles online anonymity

The Maryland Court of Appeals is taking up a case this week that could have major implications for Internet users’ ability to anonymously post their opinions on the Web.

Others angling for Apple, AT&T's smartphone riches

With the iPhone driving profit growth at both AT&T and Apple, many telcos and tech companies have been working overtime to develop popular smartphones of their own, Network World reports.

Smartphone showdown: BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone

Network World looks at how the newly announced BlackBerry Storm measures up to Apple’s iPhone 3G.

Twenty cool third-party iPhone apps

Network World lists some of its favorite applications for the iPhone—both Web based offerings and native apps that you can download from the new App Store.

New Comcast traffic management targets users, not protocols

Comcast announced this week that it will no longer target individual protocols for traffic shaping, and will instead slow Web traffic for individual users who consume what the company called a “disproportionate” amount of bandwidth.

AT&T to complete 3G network by next month

AT&T says that it is on track to complete its 3G mobile broadband network by the end of June.

SDK showdown: iPhone vs. Android

Some of the more intriguing competitors for the iPhone will be devices powered by Android, Google’s open source mobile platform.