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AT&T could soon embrace Google Android

AT&T says it’s taking a long, hard look at letting Android-powered devices connect to its network.

iPhone features slowly woo enterprise skeptics

With the iPhone’s newly announced enterprise features generating considerable buzz, some analysts have softened their skepticism about its potential as a corporate device, Network World reports.

Network World: Comcast paid people to stand in line at FCC hearing

A spokesperson for Comcast confirmed the company had paid some people to stand in line and act as placeholders for Comcast employees who wanted to attend Monday's FCC hearing on its traffic management practices, Network World reports.

Report: First Google Android phone may debut next week

The first mobile phone to use Google’s open-source Android platform may make its debut at next week’s Mobile World Congress trade show in Spain.

What the iPhone can — and can't — provide enterprise users

Now that AT&T will offer iPhone data plans for business users, Network World re-exams what the mobile device can and can't provide enterprise users.

Akamai offers content delivery for iTunes in Starbucks

Network service provider Akamai will provide the content-delivery servers to Starbucks that will help speed up the Wi-Fi iTunes Music Stores available in some outlets.

Network World: iPhone gets VoIP tryout

In a demonstration at this year's DEMOfall07, British VoIP provider Truphone showed conventioneers how to use the iPhone's built-in Wi-Fi capability to make calls over Truphone's VoIP network.