Brendan WilhideContributor, Macworld

Brendan Wilhide is a frequent Macworld contributor.

Übermask 1.1

Übermask allows users to hide files or folders from view by rendering them invisible to Finder, Spotlight and even popular add-on utilities like Quicksilver and Alfred.

DwellClick 2.0

DwellClick allows you to navigate your Mac with your mouse without clicking. It works surprisingly well.

Window Commander 1.0

Window Commander is a slick and fast visual application switcher.

Grappler 1.0.3

Grappler is a nifty little Mac application that lets you download videos and music from YouTube and the Web easily and quickly.

Swackett 1.1

Checking the weather forecast is something most people do everyday, especially on their computers. Yet weather applications can be boring and mundane. However, Swackett is an interesting and somewhat offbeat weather application available for free.

BookBuddy for iPhone

In its current iteration, this app for keeping track of your book collection shows some promise, but it still feels like an incomplete work in progress.

Sportacular Pro for iPhone

Sportacular used to be among the top sports scoreboard apps in the App Store. But recent updates have made it a bloated offering with increasingly frustrated load times. And the paid version of the app suffers from the same weaknesses.

You Need a Budget for Mac

This complete package teaches you financial discipline through its unique system offering robust features and plenty of customization.

You Need a Budget for iPhone

This companion app to the well-regarded desktop personal finance offering doesn't offer a lot of features, given its steep price tag.

SafeCellApp for iPhone

This app, which blocks you from calling or texting while driving and rewards you points for ignoring incoming calls, is a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in distraction-free driving.

Start Spanish and Spanish Vocabulary for iPhone

Brendan Wilhide looks at two offerings from Mobilinga that offer to teach you Spanish from the comfort of your iPhone. Both Start Spanish and Spanish Vocabulary are solid offerings that work better as complements to other teaching tools.

GymFu iPhone apps

Each of the three apps tested here work the same way, providing interactive fun that keep you motivated to reach your workout goals.

HoneyDo for iPhone

This slick, easy-to-use task manager makes navigating chores a breeze. The ability to share tasks and assign them to other people helps HoneyDo stand out from the crowd.

iExit for iPhone

If you take a lot of road trips, this app can be a valuable resource, letting you know of gas stations, restaurants, and hotels at upcoming exits.

UFC for iPhone

This Ultimate Fighting Championship app has a lot of information about fighters and promos of upcoming events. But unless you're using the app to buy and watch pay-per-view events live, there's not a lot of compelling content here.