Brendan WilhideContributor, Macworld

Brendan Wilhide is a frequent Macworld contributor.

FeX for iPhone

This simple utility allows you to sync two pieces of data -- and just two -- between Facebook and your contacts list—birthdays and profile pictures. While the app is somewhat limited by Facebook's terms of service, it's still a handy way to add information with minimal effort.

Emergency Radio for iPhone

By delivering hundreds of live streaming police, fire, and EMS radio channels to your mobile device, Emergency Radio essentially allows you to carry a police scanner with you at all times.

Y! Fan for iPhone

If you're a fantasy sports player, the paid version of Y! Fan is a dream come true. Not only does it allow you to follow the progress of your fantasy teams, you can also adjust your lineup, add or drop players, and propose trades with ease.

SurfaceDJ for iPhone

This mobile DJ app impresses with its overall polish. Creating a track is easy and fun.

Pocket Workout for iPhone

Pocket Workout is an ideal application for business users or frequent travelers that are already familiar with the kinds of exercises in its database. Beginners who'd like to see examples of how the exercises are performed may want to consider another app.

Air Sharing for iPhone

Air Sharing offers a convenient way to transfer files from your Mac to your iPhone, and then access them quickly. For anyone looking to carry important documents with them on the go, the app is a solid choice.

ComicZeal for iPhone

Comic book fans interested in taking their favorite books with them will enjoy ComicZeal, which lets you store and read your favorite titles on the iPhone or iPod touch.

ArtCamera for iPhone

ArtCamera is a relatively straightforward utility which complements the iPhone’s built-in camera well and gives some welcome tools for sprucing up the photo collection on your mobile device.

Review: Distant Shore for iPhone

Distant Shore is a sort of Web 2.0 version of having a pen pal. The application presents an enjoyable at-your-own-pace experience that is completely different from most any other offering in the App Store.

Review: Grocery iQ and Shopper for iPhone

The App Store is loaded with offerings aimed at helping you assemble a coherent grocery list. Two apps in particular—Grocery iQ and Shopper— stand out from the crowd.

Review: for iPhone’s iPhone client lets users of the online storage service easily access their files while on the go. It’s a convenient option for iPhone and iPod touch owners with remote storage needs.