Will the iPad mean the end of free online news?

PCWorld's Brennon Slattery thinks the iPad will provide an impetus for media companies to start charging for their content.

New York senator challenges Facebook on privacy

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) has asked the FTC to design privacy rules for social networking sites, including clear guidelines on how information submitted to Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter is used and disseminated.

Palm buyout options darken after HTC declines

Desperate, struggling Palm may be totally out of luck as one of the company's last-ditch saviors, HTC, has walked away from a potential buyout.

How Facebook plans to dominate the Web

Facebook is integrating user experiences on external sites with Facebook's news feed, effectively transforming what used to be a solitary browsing experience into a sprawling network of connectivity.

Brain games may do nothing for the brain

Those brain-training games you've downloaded onto your iPhone and bought for your Nintendo DS may have no actual effect on improving brain function.

AT&T overhauls image: Is it afraid of the Verizon iPhone?

After trading barbs with Verizon, AT&T has struck a softer tone in its latest ad campaign.


Amazon loses e-book pricing war

Publishers have emerged victorious in the e-book pricing war with Amazon as the world's largest online retailer has conceded to the demands of three major publishing houses.

After numerous shake-ups, is MySpace dying?

MySpace's latest attempt at reinvention -- called "Discover and be discovered" -- might be the social networking site's last-ditch shot at recapturing the public's wavering attention.

Google hit with lawsuit over Google Buzz

Google is facing a class-action lawsuit filed in a San Jose, California federal court over its Google Buzz social networking service.

Nook is available again, but is it worth it?

After a long wait and gobs of frustration, Barnes && Noble's Nook e-book reader is finally available. But after all the hubbub and hair-pulling, is the Nook worth it?