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Brian Beam is a software designer and database/system administrator at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and the owner of web development firm CommandB .

Use mobile dieting apps to help shed some pounds

Looking to eat healthier in 2013? We take a look at some iOS and Android apps that aim to help you stick to your diet.

iOS App Review: Readability provides convenience for mobile reading

Compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, the iOS version of Readability's read-it-later offering offers a simple workflow and pleasingly minimalist design.

MyScript Notes Mobile for iPad

If jotting down notes as opposed to typing them on your iPad is your thing, then this app might be right up your alley.

MyCalendar Mobile for iPhone

This single-task app can help you remember the birthdays of Facebook friends and other contacts, but that comes with the price of shameless self-promotion.

Twist for iPhone

This free utility tracks your location and notifies the people waiting for you of your estimated arrival time. It's a great way to avoid sending redundant emails or texts and -- more importantly -- to avoid the temptation of texting or calling when you're driving.