Brian BeamMacworld

Brian Beam is a software designer and database/system administrator at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and the owner of web development firm CommandB .

iMockups for iPad

This iPad app works very well to create, and present, basic wireframe models; save for a few missing features, it's practically an indispensable tool if you work with iOS apps, Web apps, or website projects.

WritePad for iPhone and iPad

Available in separate versions for the iPhone and iPad, this app does a pretty good job of taking your handwritten notes and converting them into text, though not without a few quirks.

Unpleasant Horse for iPhone and iPad

Featuring a psychotic horse that wreaks havoc on cute ponies and birds, Unpleasant Horse won't appeal to every gamer. But folks who like their games twisted will find this universal offering amusing and addicting.

Remote Conductor for iPhone

Once just available for the iPad, this excellent app for turning your iOS device into a Magic Trackpad is now available as a separate iPhone/iPod touch app. It does everything Remote Conductor HD does, only on a smaller screen.

iSSH for iPhone and iPad

Not every iOS user needs an SSH app, but those who do will appreciate this indispensable utility for iOS device-toting system administrators.

Remote Conductor for iPad

This versatile app turns your iPad into a trackpad, while also allowing you to launch and switch between applications on your computer.

MyPhoneDesktop and PasteFire for iPhone and iPad

We look at two utilities for moving information from your computer onto the pasteboard of your iOS device. MyPhoneDesktop offers a superior desktop app, handy contact management, full SMS support, and the ability to work with local images. But if you don't need a lot of features, PasteFire is a perfectly acceptable -- and free -- alternative.

Seline HD for iPad

If you enjoy making music, this quirky iPad app will provide plenty of entertainment.

GuitarToolkit for iPhone

A well-designed app that offers several useful tools, GuitarToolkit is a must-have for any iPhone-toting musician.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs and TabToolkit for iPhone and iPad

Tablature, or "tab" as it is colloquially known, is a notational system for guitar that shows notes and chords according to where they are positioned on the fingerboard rather than using a traditional musical staff. Brian Beam looks at a pair of apps that bring tablature to the iPhone and iPad.

Got Lyrics? for iPhone

This song lyrics app performs its functions just fine, especially if your musical tastes tend toward the mainstream. But it really doesn't stand out from similar offerings in the App Store.

Pet First Aid for iPhone

If you love your pets, for less than the price of a chew toy, you can have an app that presents concise, easy-to-follow information in the event of an emergency.

Albums for iPhone and iPad

Give developer Random Sequence credit for coming up with a quirky approach to selecting music on your iOS device. But some might question whether the app offers enough functionality to justify its cost.

WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone

This clever iPhone app lets you stay in touch with friends without incurring SMS charges from AT&T. WhatsApp Messenger provides an alternative texting service that closely resembles standard SMS text messaging.

Moodagent for iPhone

With updates adding new features, this playlist-generating app -- which now comes in paid and free versions -- is as impressive as before.