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Brian Beam is a software designer and database/system administrator at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and the owner of web development firm CommandB .

Voice Band for iPhone

It can take lots of time, patience and determination in order to produce a listenable song with this app, which transmogrifies your voice into the sound of various musical instruments. But Voice Band definitely puts a unique spin on mobile music creation.

Mobile Active Defense for iPhone

This app promises to help guard your iPhone from malicious mail, and its approach is pretty straightforward. Still, our tests were unable to indicate just how much safer your e-mail is with this $17 app and service. Still, a free version lets you try Mobile Active Defense for free to judge for yourself.

Three SSH terminal apps for iPhone

We take a look at three remote SSH clients that run on your iPhone (and in one case, your iPad). Each has their limitations, but two of the three apps we looked at have noteworthy strengths.

Qik's iPhone video camera apps

The free Qik Live provides only basic recording features but excels at online sharing. The paid Qik Video Camera links to fewer online sites but offers many special recording effects missing from Qik Live and the built-in camera in older iPhones.