Brian BeamMacworld

Brian Beam is a software designer and owner of web development firm CommandB, located in Kansas City.

TweetTheBeat for iPhone

For music lovers who also use the Twitter microblogging service, TweetTheBeat provides an interesting way to discover new music (and promote your own) with your iPhone or iPod touch.

RedLaser for iPhone

This app -- which uses the iPhone's camera to scan barcodes in order to bring up a description of the products as well as what it's selling for at various online sources -- is truly a breakthrough development for the iPhone.

AppBox Pro for iPhone

This collection of 21 utilities isn't slick, but that doesn't detract from its usefulness. Bundling nearly two dozen apps into one package means you'll get good value out of AppBox Pro, even if you wind up using just a few of its utilities.

Pastie for iPhone

This app makes it easy to send short messages from your iPhone or iPod touch by storing canned text for later use in e-mails or SMS messages.

Acoustic Guitar for iPhone

This guitar app does some nice things within the confines of the iPhone's limitations. But as decent as it is, Acoustic Guitar is no substitute for the real thing.

Pocket Piano Plus for iPhone

Both Pocket Piano and Pocket Piano Plus (which features eight sounds in addition to a standard piano) aren't bad if you're just looking for a music app to fiddle around with. But interface issues and artificial sounds on the non-piano instruments keep either version from making the grade.

TuneWiki for iPhone

Despite a few shortcomings, TuneWiki provides a quick and easy way to listen to streaming media, view song lyrics and share your musical taste with your network.

MailMe for iPhone

This app does only one thing -- it lets you send yourself an e-mail in the fewest possible steps. But MailMe handles the task very well.

SpeedText for iPhone

This app is a solid note-taker, particularly if you’d prefer scribbling to the built-in keyboard of the iPhone or iPod touch and so long as your note needs remain simple

Song Idea Generator for iPhone

This $1 won't turn a hack songwriter into a pro. But the random phrase generator can get the creative juices flowing.

PhotoMarkr for iPhone

This watermarking utility simple, effective and easy to use. If you like to share photos and are concerned about their proper attribution, then you shouldn’t do without PhotoMarkr.

CardStar for iPhone

CardStar promises to take those membership and rewards cards cluttering up your wallet or purse and put them on your iPhone. It's an intriguing idea that produced mixed results when we put it to the test in the real world.

Dial 9 for iPhone

This visual dialer lets you group your contacts among multiple pages, using contacts photos for easy reference. It's everything the iPhone's Favorites screen should be.

iKoto for iPhone

While many music apps for the iPhone and iPod touch require some degree of musical talent, iKoto lets even non-musicians get in on the fun.

PocketGuitar for iPhone

PocketGuitar, which mimics a guitar fretboard and provided various types of guitar sounds, takes the metaphor a little too literally. Because of the size of the iPhone's screen, you can only access a few frets at a time, and you can't slide up and down the fretboard gracefully. Guitar players will find this app frustrating.