Brian BeamMacworld

Brian Beam is a software designer and owner of web development firm CommandB, located in Kansas City.

BeBot—Robot Synth for iPhone

This music app from Normalware is a good example of what the iPhone platform is all about -- a truly incredible application that can entertain both serious musicians and three-year-olds equally as well.

Ego for iPhone

If you manage a Web site or blog, this basic stat tracker is a must-have.

iShred for iPhone

As long as you're willing to put in the time and effort to learn your way around it, iShred: Guitar + Effects is a terrific app.

Groupie for iPhone

This app, which tells you when and where your favorite musicians are performing, has a clean, simple, and effective interface. But it has some annoyances, too, like not always having the most complete information.

Guitar FX apps for iPhone

TrialAndErrorDevTeam’s trio of Guitar FX apps take the sound of your acoustic guitar and add effects to make it sound electric. For what these apps do—and if you’re willing to spend quite a bit of time experimenting with their settings—the Guitar FX programs are fun novelties.

TapIt4Me for iPhone

TapIt4Me doesn’t work exactly like Ettore Software’s TypeIt4Me utility. But this mobile version of the keystroke shortcut utility is still a handy addition to the iPhone or iPod touch.

Review: ReplayCam 25shot! for iPhone

You can’t shoot video with your iPhone. But Tomohiko Okita lets you mimic a video with the ReplayCam 25shot! app for the iPhone. You won’t mistake it for a “real” video-recording program, but the app still provides some moving-picture fun.

Review: iSignature for iPhone

iSignature gives you the ability to have six canned signatures for the Mail app in the iPhone and iPod touch. The process for adding them to e-mails is a little awkward, but it’s still a valuable tool for customizing your e-mail.