FrankenMac in the Lab

Brian Chen is joined by Lab director James Galbraith, who acts as our tour guide into the inner workings of the Rob Griffiths’ home-built Mac OS machine. They talk briefly about its performance and some of its peculiarities.

Revisiting tapeless camcorders and the Mac

Though the latest versions of Final Cut Pro and iMovie seemingly resolved compatibility issues with tapeless camcorders, associate editor Brian Chen stumbled upon more problems.

The lighter side of Final Cut Pro

Brian Chen takes the process of editing a parody video with Final Cut Pro as an opportunity to share some tips on how to use Apple’s video-editing application.

Review: Samsung SCX-4500 monochrome laser printer

Samsung's new multifunction printer isn't your ordinary-looking MFP. Its sleek black-box style is certainly unique for a device that combines a monochrome laser printer, color scanner, and color copier. Macworld Lab put the SCX-4500 to the test, and found a quick and quiet MFP.

Mac snobbery?

Are Mac users snobs? Or do we just appreciate the finer things in life? Brian Chen explores the question.

Full of hot Air? Our MacBook Air temperature tests

The MacBook Air is one of the coolest laptops around in terms of hipness—but is it the coolest physically? To find out, Brian Chen used an infrared thermometer and a widget that monitors internal temps to see whether the Air is hot or not.

Belkin TuneStage II

Belkin’s TuneStage II offers a convenient alternative to iPod remotes by turning your iPod into a remote. The device’s main drawback is that it significantly drains your iPod’s battery life.

Getting testy with the MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is unlike any other computer in Apple’s line-up. The Macworld Lab testers putting the laptop through its paces aren’t so sure that’s always a good thing.

Brother HL-4070CDW laser printer

With duplexing and wireless or wired network connectivity, the HL-4070 offers a very impressive set of features for the price. Performance and print quality are top-notch too, making this a superb color laser printer for smaller offices and workgroups.

Belkin TuneStage II

Our Expo keynote re-enactment

We have some fun in this Macworld Video, re-enacting the highlights of last week's Expo keynote with the able assistance of our art director's daughter.

Analysis: Apple faces competition in movie-rental market

Apple enters an online movie-rental market well after other competitors. But one analyst believes the iTunes experience gives Apple a built-in advantage.

iTunes movie rentals—almost there

Brian Chen was overjoyed by Apple's plan to offer movie rentals through iTunes—except for the illogical 30-day waiting period that exists between the DVD release and the time the movie will appear on iTunes.

Great pictures, small packages

We compared five compact photo printers—the Canon Pixma mini320, the Canon Selphy CP740, the Epson PictureMate Zoom PM 290, the HP Photosmart A626, and the HP Photosmart A826—for quality, speed, features, interface, and design.

Available to chat

Earlier this month, Brian Chen vowed to give up instant messaging for the next two weeks. Find out what he learned from his experiment with radio silence.