TTYL to instant messaging

Brian Chen has been using instant messaging software nearly every day for the past 10 years. Now he's quitting cold turkey.

MediaCentral 2.6

With some improvements to video playback and performance, and some revisions to the user manual, MediaCentral has the potential to be a powerful piece of software that will turn your Mac into an entertainment center.

Canon Selphy CP740 photo printer

The Selphy CP740 prints decent 4-by-6 inch photos, but overall its irksome limitations outweigh its benefits.

Another year, another laptop adapter

Brian Chen goes through the stages of grief over his latest dearly departed laptop power adapter.

Pixma mini320 compact printer

Though the mini320’s prints are attractive and the scroll-wheel interface is fun to use, the printer isn’t a very wise investment given its increased cost per print. Pitted against the PictureMate Zoom, which prints superior photos at faster speeds for a cheaper price per print, the mini320 almost doesn’t stand a chance.

Photosmart A626 photo printer

Attractive, easy-to-use, and innovative, the A626 should make a good travel partner for scrapbookers and hobbyists. The ability to print up to 4-by-12-inch panoramas is a very useful option, but the A626’s small paper capacity is a strange, questionable limitation.

Another look at Friday's Leopard launch

Why stand in line for an OS X upgrade you could have delivered to your home? Brian Chen learned why first-hand in San Francisco last Friday. Plus: video from the San Francisco Apple Store's Leopard launch.

Review: Vudu

Vudu is an impressive device that brings instant movie entertainment to your living room. Fun, easy to use, and offering great video and sound quality, Vudu has the potential to become a revolutionary device in the digital-movie era.

Leopard release makes crowds roar across the country

Big crowds turned out at Apple Stores across the country as soon as Mac OS X 10.5 became available at 6 p.m. local time Friday.

HP Photosmart A826 photo printer

The HP Photosmart A826 is a great choice for beginning photographers who want to print their digital photos as easily as possible. The printer’s case design could use some improvement for greater ease of handling, and dark prints appear a little dull; but overall, the A826 is an attractive, fun device.

Epson PictureMate Zoom PM 290 photo printer

The PictureMate Zoom PM 290's improvements over its predecessor are subtle but significant. Faster, more affordable, and problem-free, the Zoom is the best portable photo printer you can currently buy, if you don't mind its print-size limitation.

Lexmark X500n multifunction printer

At $499, the Lexmark X500n is a bargain for a device of its kind. Although it’s slow with scanning and its copies lack some detail, this MPF is fast, easy to use, and a strong overall performer.

How the iPod ads stole my dream woman

Brian Chen's favorite singer-songwriter is now appearing in TV ads for the iPod nano. And it's left him feeling a bit shaken.

First Look: First Look: Vudu TV set-top box

Like the Apple TV, the Vudu set-top box aims to deliver digital content to your TV. But it takes a different approach -- instead of pulling content from your Mac, you use an Internet connection to rent or buy movies directly from the box. Brian Chen takes a look at Vudu and shares some first impressions.

Classic or touch?

Wednesday's product announcements left Brian Chen in a bind when it comes to picking his next iPod. Does he embrace the iPod classic and its massive capacity? Or does the iPod touch’s wireless connectivity win the day?