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Pretend you’re on the radio with Vobok, the Vine-ish social network for broadcasters

Vobok, a free iOS and Android app, lets you share 30-second sound clips as an audio answer to Vine’s six-second video loops and Twitter’s 140-character written missives.

Pinterest is making it too easy to spend all your time on Pinterest

Pinterest's new iOS and Android app updates encourage you to pick up on your smartphone where you left off on your desktop.


Instagram will let you tag friends in photos

The photo-sharing app, purchased by Facebook last year, now adds a photo-tagging feature similar to its parent company's.



Path users complain about mass texts; Path says it's user error

The privacy-oriented social network Path fielded a slew of complaints Tuesday about spamming users’ contacts with invitations to join the site. However, Path says user error caused the confusion.


Spreecast moves social videos to your smartphone

Spreecast launched in 2011 as a more public way to have watercooler conversations. Now the social video platform is going mobile with iOS and Android apps.


Tumblr goes social with iOS app update

Tumblr continues its evolution into a mobile platform with an upgraded iOS app that adds social sharing and saving features.

Crowdsourcing a crisis: How to use Twitter in a tragedy

In a rush to share information and find the Boston bombing suspects, news outlets and amateur Internet detectives showed the best and worst of social media in a few whirlwind days.


Facebook 6.0 delivers new look to iOS apps

Facebook Tuesday upgraded its apps for the iPhone and iPad with a more visually appealing News Feed and new messaging features such as Chat Heads and Stickers.

Facebook Home’s Chat Heads pop up on iOS

Facebook will roll out upgraded iOS apps on Tuesday that include Facebook Home features like Chat Heads.

Online resources for Boston Marathon explosions

Credible sources on Twitter are providing eyewitness accounts of Monday's explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line. Online resources are also providing ways to check on friends and loved ones who may have been in the area at the time.


Twitter bots, fake retweets rake in big bucks

So you think your Twitter account is gaining popularity because you’re really interesting and funny. But a growing number of accounts are fake, created to generate links and drive traffic to the highest bidder.


Pandora racks up 200 million listeners

The popular Internet radio company Pandora has swelled to more than 200 million listeners, doubling its user base in the last two years alone.


People Power turns old iOS devices into surveillance equipment

If you want to keep an eye on your house without spending a chunk of change to upgrade your security system, People Power's free app turns your iOS devices into surveillance equipment.

Facebook's Home launcher for Android creates 'Facebook Phone'

Facebook's new Home launcher for Android is available April 12 as a software download from Google Play. HTC will intro the first phone to include Home, the $100 HTC First, on April 12 as well.


Rdio takes social recommendations act to movies, TV with Vdio

Create playlists and suggest movie and TV titles to friends using Vdio, a new pay-per-view video service from social music streaming site Rdio.