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Caitlin covers Apple news, health and fitness tech, and social networks from IDG's New York bureau.

digit ios app

Digit is a money-saving iOS app that will change how you manage your cash

The future of finance is automated apps that analyze your accounts and know how much to save and spend.

fitbit blaze hero

Fitbit Blaze review: Don't call it a smartwatch

Fitbit's touchscreen fitness band has smarts but lacks style.

apple watch hermes

Make your Apple Watch look luxe for less with new Hermès bands

You don't have to buy an Hermés-branded Apple Watch to get those high-end straps anymore.

magic mouse 2 apple

Apple might bake Force Touch into Magic Mouse 3

A Force Touch-equipped mouse would open up a world of shortcuts for Mac users.

ipad pro mini internals

9.7-inch iPad Pro teardown reveals iPhone 6s Plus camera and 2GB of RAM

Like its bigger sibling, the little Pro is tough to repair but has beefy internals.

Apple iPhone 5C (3)

FBI takes heat for keeping iPhone hack details under wraps

Criticism is mounting as the agency is reportedly trying its iPhone cracking method on more devices.


Chewable coffee and the Apple Watch: Getting started with basic biohacking

I thought hacking your brain seemed extreme. Then I tried Go Cubes.

Watch Austin turn into Brand Central during SXSW

Puppies, people in banana costumes, and Game of Thrones tried to activate the crowds at South by Southwest Interactive. Did they succeed?

carekit primary

Our bodies, ourselves: How CareKit apps will revolutionize health care

The iPhone will bridge the gap between quantifying our health and actually doing something about it.

iphone se gold primary

How, when, and where to preorder the iPhone SE

Preorders are happening right now.

160321 cook privacy

How iAd’s closure proves Apple’s commitment to privacy

Even before the FBI fight, Apple had a privacy team in place to examine all products.

apple watch new primary

FAQ: Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch

Got Apple Watch questions? Come on in.

carekit primary

Apple’s CareKit gives you and your doctors a better understanding of your health

CareKit apps will help you monitor symptoms, medication, and treatment plans for a variety of medical issues.

iPhone 5c

Apple vs. FBI: How iOS 8 changed everything

The battle over iPhone encryption began 18 months ago, Bloomberg reports.


Meet the iPhone SE, which packs iPhone 6s performance in a 4-inch body

Apple's new iPhone looks like a 5s but performs like a 6s.