iPad available in the UK via importers

Though Apple hasn't launched the iPad in the UK yet, the device is available over there from two online retailers who've imported the tablet to sell it at a premium to Brits.

Play.com and Expansys to stock iPad in UK

Online retailers Play.com and Expansys will both stock Apple's iPad when it hits the UK.

Google supports HTC in Apple lawsuit

Google has defended HTC, which manufacturers the search engine's Nexus One, after Apple accused HTC of infringing 20 of its patents.

Half of employers check Facebook

More than half (53 percent) of employers research potential job candidates on social networks such as Facebook, says CareerBuilder.co.uk.

Google to be sued over Nexus One?

Google could be sued by the family of author Philip K Dick -- the man behind the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which Blade Runner was based.

Mophie to show iPhone credit card reader at CES

Mophie will unveil a credit card reader for the Apple iPhone at CES this week.

Report: Twitter gets phone users to surf the Web

Micro-blogging site Twitter is having a positive effect on the number of consumers using their mobile phone to access the web, says Novarra.

A quarter of office workers say they'd steal company data

A quarter of office workers would steal sensitive company data if they thought it would help a friend or family member in securing a job, says CyberArk.

Google Docs gets Convert, Zip, and Download feature

Google is giving users of Docs, its online application suite, the ability to download a number of documents simultaneously.

Orange to offer iPhone in UK on November 10

Orange will make Apple's iPhone available on November 10 in the UK, ending O2's exclusive partnership with Apple in that country.