Typing Genius for iPhone

Typing Genius is probably best known for unlocking emoji emoticons, but the app is actually a pretty good way to practice typing with the touchscreen keyboard of your iPhone or iPod touch.

FlipBook for iPhone

Providing powerful tools and layer-based drawing system, FlipBook, which enables you to make short animations from still drawings, gives users a canvas for creating something special.

Snatch for iPhone

Snatch turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a trackpad and remote keyboard that controls your computer over a network.

iFood Assistant by Kraft

Kraft's iFood Assistant should be a better app than it is. But problems with its shopping list features make this a less-than-satisfying way to prepare a meal.

Brightkite for iPhone

By offering different privacy levels for posting your location and activity, the location-aware Brightkite is a compelling social networking app.

PhotoSwap for iPhone

PhotoSwap is a fun—and free—way to get a glimpse into the life of a stranger, though this photo-sharing social networking tool does have a few frustrating flaws.

Face Melter for iPhone

Developer Nico Becherer has done a fantastic job making a fun, easy-to-use image editor that lets you magnify and distort pictures with a few simple controls.

Review: InchCalc+ for iPhone

Builders, contractors, and others who work with a tape measure or ruler will get a lot of use out of this construction and conversion calculator.