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SourceForge unveils winners of 'open-source Oscars'

The community Thursday evening recognized the creme de la creme of open-source projects.

Cisco to acquire equity stake in VMware

Cisco on Friday joined Intel as one of the early investors in VMware prior to an initial public offering of a portion of the company's stock.

Intel joins One Laptop Per Child initiative

Intel has unexpectedly joined the One Laptop Per Child initiative, despite its efforts up to now seemingly at odds with the project.

Sun: The bulk of Java is open sourced

Sun Microsystems announced Tuesday it has finished the process of making the bulk of its core Java technology available as open-source software under the GNU general public license version 2 (GPLv2).

Comcast works on single comms dashboard with Zimbra

Open-source collaboration software vendor Zimbra is to embark upon a major relationship with U.S. broadband player Comcast.

No Valentines on the cards for Open XML, OpenDocument

Microsoft claims that IBM is trying to slow down the standards approval process for Open XML to further push the rival ODF standard.

Adobe looks to have full PDF spec become ISO standard

Adobe is beginning the process to have its entire PDF specification, not just subsets of the technology, recognized as an international standard.

Ballmer: Most Vista work came in last two years

Microsoft’s CEO talked about the Vista development process and looked forward to future operating system releases Thursday.

Sun open sources Java under GPL

Sun is open sourcing its Java SE and Java ME Monday under a somewhat surprising license, GPLv2.

Google announces US government search site

Google is looking to get more US government attention in a good way by providing a search site to access content on federal, state and local government sites.

Red Hat officially commits to MIT's $100 laptop

Red Hat is due to publicly confirm that it has become a founding corporate member of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) non-profit organization Tuesday.

GPL 3 draft draws mostly positive response

The open-source community and lawyers have greeted the Free Software Foundation Inc.'s GNU GPL update mostly positively.

CES: Intel formally unveils host of new chips

Intel Corp. has officially announced the pricing and branding for a host of new processors. The chip giant made the details available on its Web site Tuesday.

Microsoft: One open document standard good, two better

Microsoft believes a future with more than one open document standard is preferable to a single standard, according to a company executive.

IBM holds on to Top500 supercomputer lead

IBM dominates the latest list of the world's fastest computers, taking the top three spots on the Top500 list.