Chris BarylickMacworld

Chris Barylick is an Apple-Certified Macintosh Technician living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his 25 years of tinkering with Macs, he has accidentally lit two (and counting) hard drives on fire. He also wouldn't mind being Gonzo the Muppet when he finally grows up.

E3: Tetris maker looks back at 25 years of falling blocks

Tetris turns 25 this week, and the game's creator looks back on a quarter-century of falling blocks.

E3: Yoostar lets you star in Hollywood movies

Yoostar is a new software and hardware kit that lets you star in clips from your favorite Hollywood movies.

Notes from E3: Bring on the dancing bears!

Chris Barylick is reporting from Los Angeles this week, where he's attending E3, the gaming expo. If early happenings are any indication, Chris thinks that this year's E3 will be a return to form.

Globs 1.1.2 for iPhone

Globs is a fun side-scrolling platformer similar to the console classic Earthworm Jim.

PuzzleQuest Chapter 1 & 2 for iPhone

PuzzleQuest, ported to every game platform imaginable, comes to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Glandarius Wing Strike for iPhone

A top-down shooter inspired by the classics of yore, Glandarius Wing Strike is a competent offering, though it's bound to be overshadowed by what's missed.

Rasta Monkey 1.3 for iPhone

This game has some nifty physics, plenty of color and sound, but it also has some glaring flaws.

GI Joyride for iPhone

A simple side-scroller that uses accelerometer controls, GI Joyride only costs $1.

HeavyMach for iPhone

HeavyMach is a side scrolling action game that features great graphics and sound, but stays true to its roots.

Kern for iPhone

Kern is a text-based puzzle game that uses letters and ligatures instead of falling blocks.

GeoDefense for iPhone

Retro-style vector graphics embellish this tower defense game for the iPhone.

Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone

Metal Gear Solid Touch misses the mark -- it's Whack-a-Mole, rather than a stealth-based action game.

WordsWorth 1.4 for iPhone

An addictive and challenging word-finding puzzle game for the iPhone, marred by a few problems.

Tic-A-Tac Poker for iPhone

Tic-A-Tac Poker combines tic-tac-toe with poker hand combinations to create a unique casual gaming experience.

The road to the Final Four runs through FileMaker

Peter Tiernan has developed a FileMaker 10 database that includes the results of every NCAA men’s basketball tournament since 1985. The database can be used to predict this year’s results.