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Chris Barylick is an Apple-Certified Macintosh Technician living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his 25 years of tinkering with Macs, he has accidentally lit two (and counting) hard drives on fire. He also wouldn't mind being Gonzo the Muppet when he finally grows up.

LightBike for iPhone

LightBike for iPhone replicates the light bike sequence from the movie Tron, and even features head-to-head competition.

iDracula — Undead Awakening 1.0 for iPhone

This shooter is on par with anything you can get on the PSP or DS, and tons of fun to play.

Review: Aim for the Brain for iPhone

Aim for the Brain is Whack-A-Mole with zombies, but it's a lot of fun.

Review: I Love Katamari for the iPhone

While the iPhone version of I Love Katamari is a fun way to kill some time and the learning curve isn’t particularly steep, the final product feels more like a technical demo than a finished game.

Up close with the 17-inch MacBook Pro's battery

The new 17-inch MacBook Pro has a powerful, yet non-removable, battery. How important is this new piece of technology?

Review: Dr. Awesome for iPhone

Dr. Awesome places you in the shoes of the world’s greatest microsurgeon. You’ve got to save patients from a virus outbreak in this melodramatic puzzle game—and all the patients are people from your Contacts list.

Review: Dropship for iPhone

This retro-style space shooter requires you to navigate through increasingly intricate levels to retrieve cargo. Ngmoco’s game offers a surprising amount of fun.

Review: South Park: Imaginationland for iPhone

This game, based on the Emmy-winning episode of the long-running TV series, is enjoyable fun, but there’s a hit or miss factor. South Park fans may love the game while others will probably look elsewhere for their fill of fun.

Review: Critter Crunch for iPhone

Some games succeed because the developer has focused on creating something simple and fun. Critter Crunch, a Space Invaders-like take on the puzzle game, is one of those offerings.

Review: Lemonade Stand for iPhone

Lemonade Stand is fun for short periods of time, and it’s a nice trip down memory lane if you fondly recall the Apple II game. But it sorely lacks replay value.

Review: Topple for iPhone

Blending elements of both Tetris and Jenga, Topple is a fun, imaginative, and appealing puzzle game.

Review: Billy Frontier for iPhone

Despite some frustrations with gameplay, Billy Frontier stands out for great graphics and sound. It’s a fun game you can enjoy for a few minutes at a time as well as for longer gaming sessions.

Review: Vegas Pool Sharks

Vegas Pool Sharks takes advantage of the touch screen, tilting, and gesture features of the iPod touch and iPhone. But flaws in the game’s artificial intelligence and gameplay detract from the experience.

Review: iCopter for iPhone

iCopter isn’t the most sophisticated game in the App Store, but it is a fun—and addictive—way to pass the time.

Expo: StoryMill novel-writing app adds timeline view

StoryMill 3.0's timeline view lets writers visually arrange scenes from their novel in chronological order. Mariner Software announced the new version of the app at Macworld Expo.