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Chris Barylick is an Apple-Certified Macintosh Technician living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his 25 years of tinkering with Macs, he has accidentally lit two (and counting) hard drives on fire. He also wouldn't mind being Gonzo the Muppet when he finally grows up.

PDF2Office Personal adds full Leopard support

PDF2Office Professional from Recosoft ships in March. The PDF to Word conversion software is now Leopard compatible and adds tons of new features.

LightSpeed sales system adds touch screen

LightSpeed, the point of sale system that uses a Mac as the register, is implementing touch screen support in a new version.

Expo: Bare Bones updates TextWrangler

TextWrangler 2.3 introduces built-in support for the Lua programming language as well as improvements to the Disk Browser workflow.

Expo slideshow: Day 1

Chris Barylic's pictures from the opening day of Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

LightWork updates flagship rendering program

LightWorks 7.8 focuses on improvements in accuracy, performance and ease-of-use for lighting, global illumination, tone mapping and gamma correction.

Expo: FirmTek ships five-bay SATA enclosure

The SeriTek 5-Bay SATA Port Multiplier enclosure can hold up to five hot-swappable Serial ATA drives, each with a transfer rate up to three gigabits per second.

Expo: Ovolab updates Phlink, Geophoto apps

Phlink 4 adds call-screening and talking caller ID on top of a revamped interface, while Geophoto 2 will make it easier for users of the image-sharing application to position photos on a 3-D map of the Earth.

Expo: REALBasic to support introspection

One of the most heavily requested features according to developer Real Software, introspection is the ability to examine an object to determine what it is, what it knows, and what it's capable of doing. It will appear in REALBasic 2008 Release 1 when that software ships in February.

Expo: On2 releases Flix video encoding and publishing app

Flix Publishing 2.0 lets users encode and publish video through a browser-based interface.

iPhone release brings out the crowds

From across the country, Macworld reports on the scene from the iPhone launch at various Apple Stores.

TurboTax Premier

Facing renewed competition from H&R Block's TaxCu, Intuit has done a great job with this year's version of TurboTax, which makes the tedious process of filing tax returns easier. Despite a few confusing interface details, this Premier version of TurboTax is worth its asking price.

Round-up: Mac tax-preparation software

With the deadline for filing your income tax drawing ever closer, it's time to settle on a tax-preparation program. And this year, Mac users have a choice between Intuit's TurboTax and H&R Block's TaxCut. Chris Barylick looks at which offering is right for your circumstances.

TaxCut Premium + State + E-File

TaxCut Premium has come back swinging and stands on a par with its competition, TurboTax Premier. However, it still needs some interface improvements.

iBiz 2.5.3

A strong performer with a difficult learning curve, iBiz 2.5.3 achieves what it sets out to do by putting projects, clients, and tasks in a logical order, allowing for easy billing and invoicing.

iBank 2.1

iBank 2.1.4 doesn’t completely take down the Quicken 800-pound gorilla, but it provides a comprehensive set of financial tools with an elegant Mac look and feel. For the beginning or intermediate finance management software user, iBank is worth a look.