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Chris is a former Macworld editor who has turned to a life of crime.

Holiday playlists: punk rock Christmas

Tired of merry and bright? A little fast and loud snottiness can freshen up any holiday playlist. Chris Holt suggests a few of his favorites.

OnLive, Steam, and the Eddys

The Eddys are designed to reward the best of the year’s past. In my opinion, both OnLive and Steam deserve such distinctions. Innovation and impact are two qualities in Eddy award winners, and that’s why both Steam and OnLive are deserving.

Chillingo unveils Winter lineup of iOS games

Chillingo, a leading publisher of iOS games, revealed its winter lineup on Thursday. The exciting collection of games augments an already impressive lineup that spans across genres and demographics.

Borderlands (OnLive version)

There's a lot that 2K Games got right with this game: good art direction, memorable sense of humor, strong RPG elements with good combat, and a really terrific arsenal. Borderlands can be as uneven and unforgiving as the worst dungeon crawler you ever played, but when it’s clicking, the there’s a lot that makes you want to draw that space revolver and charge into the fray.

Gameloft announces Winter lineup

Gameloft, a leading game developer for the iOS, unveiled on Friday its 2010 winter lineup.

Mac of the future: storage

Are magnetic drives on the way out? Is flash on the way in? Chris Holt asked storage vendors how they think that market will evolve over the next two years. Here's what they told him.