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Chris is a former Macworld editor who has turned to a life of crime.

EA Mobile unveils new iPhone, iPad games for this summer

On Tuesday, EA Mobile unveiled its summer 2010 lineup.

Darkspore to invade the Mac in spring 2011

On Tuesday, Electronic Arts officially previewed Maxis' expansive sci-fi action role-playing game, which will hit the Mac and Windows platforms next spring. Chris Holt has the details.

Can glasses make you a better gamer?

Gunnar Optiks' $99 MLG Legend glasses promise reduced reaction time, improved accuracy, and increased visual endurance” when you game.

QNAP TS-259 Pro Turbo NAS

While not the user-friendliest of NAS devices, the TS-259 Pro TurboNAS is a network-attached storage device with a flood of features

Incase Protective Cover for iPad

The Incase Protective Cover is a 3.7-ounce rubber case for your iPad. The case is unique in that the back is essentially flat, making it a stable base for desktop use.

Incipio DermaShot Silicone Case

Incipio’s DermaShot silicone case is an anti-slip cover that's protectively molded to the iPad while still allowing unobtrusive use of the device.

Incipio iPad 1337 Silicone Gaming Case

Incipio’s 1337 case is specifically designed for gaming on the iPad. The $35 case offers high-density silicone protection for bumps and bruises while the molded grips on the back provide extra control when gaming.

What iPhone 4, iOS 4 mean for games

With this week's dual release of iOS 4 and Apple's new iPhone 4, mobile gaming just got a big boost. Chris Holt explains why.

Counter-Strike: Source now available on Steam for Mac

Valve has released Counter-Strike: Source for the Mac.

Fear and loathing at E3: Awards and accolades

Associate editor Chris Holt is still getting over his E3 hangover. Here are a few things that stood out at the show.

Fear and loathing at E3: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony

E3 came and went last week, and associate editor Chris Holt was there. What he noticed is that original ideas are few and far between in the land of game consoles.

Chillingo unveils new iPhone and iPad games

At E3, iPhone and iPad software publisher Chillingo previewed three action-packed games to selected members of the press.

Disney unveils Tron for iPhone

Disney gave folks a sneak peek at its upcoming game for the iPhone.

OnLive gaming service now available for Mac

On Thursday, the cloud-based gaming service launched for the Mac and Windows, thereby enabling thousands of players to stream high-end games to their computers like never before.

Gameloft previews new iPhone and iPad titles

A superhero, a Spartan, a spy, and a prince highlight Gameloft’s 2010 E3 previews. Gameloft, one of the bigger names in the mobile market, showed selected members of the press its latest line of graphically impressive iPhone and iPad games at E3 this week.