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OnLive gaming service now available for Mac

On Thursday, the cloud-based gaming service launched for the Mac and Windows, thereby enabling thousands of players to stream high-end games to their computers like never before.

Gameloft previews new iPhone and iPad titles

A superhero, a Spartan, a spy, and a prince highlight Gameloft’s 2010 E3 previews. Gameloft, one of the bigger names in the mobile market, showed selected members of the press its latest line of graphically impressive iPhone and iPad games at E3 this week.

Electronic Arts showcases new games at E3

Electronic Arts presented its upcmonig lineup at E3. Some of the titles you could see on the Mac.

Live Update: Sony E3 press show

Matt Peckham will be liveblogging E3 2010 as Sony hosts an invitation-only event to announce new PlayStation 3 and PSP-related products.

OnLive unveils launch titles, details for June 17 release

A new gaming service allows users to play high-end games on Intel Macs, regardless of the Mac's processing power.

Live Update: Nintendo E3 press show

Matt Peckham will be liveblogging E3 2010 as Nintendo hosts an invitation-only event to announce new Wii and Nintendo DS-related products.

Macworld’s E3 preview

Tuesday marks the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the most important gaming show of the year, and Macworld is here covering every announcement, reveal, and demo we can get our hands on.

Live Update: Microsoft E3 press show

Matt Peckham and Chris Holt will be liveblogging E3 2010 as Microsoft hosts an invitation-only event to announce new Xbox 360 and Project Natal-related products.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Episode Two not only enriches the story of Half-Life and provides some genuine highlights to the series, but also makes you want to keep playing.

Team Fortress 2

More and more employees wish their companies would give them Macs. After all, Macs are powerful, sleek-looking machines that also run iTunes and Guitar Hero.

Team Fortress 2 arrives on Mac Thursday

Valve's promised Wednesday updates of Steam on the Mac have been delayed, but Mac gamers get a bit of good news this Wednesday from the Team Fortress 2 blog, which announced that the team-based multiplayer shooter will be available for download on Steam for the Mac this Thursday.

FarmVille, Guitar Hero have a date with the App Store

Two games took center stage during Steve Jobs's WWDC keynote, signaling the importance of gaming to Apple's mobile platform.

League of Legends coming to Mac this summer

Of sorts. League of Legends, the spiritual successor to Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, is coming to the Mac this summer for free.

Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Episode 2 plays game plays exactly like other levels in its predecessor, Half-Life 2. The bad news is that there’s not much new here.

Star Wars: Empire at War

While Empire at War is likely the best strategy game you’ll see for Star Wars, it still can’t hold a lightsaber up to great sci-fi RTS’s like Starcraft or Sins of a Solar Empire.