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Chris is a former Macworld editor who has turned to a life of crime.

Interview with the producers of Warhammer Online

A chat with two of the producers of this new MMORPG.

FIFA 10 for iPhone

This soccer game offers engrossing competition and graphics that far out-pace what we've seen on the iPhone and iPod touch. Now if only Electronic Arts could do something about FIFA 10's wonky artificial intelligence.

GameFly launches GameCenter App for iPhone

Video game rental service Gamefly launched Thursday their GameCenter App on the App Store. This free application gives iPhone and iPod touch users access to data on over 5,000 video games as well as news, videos, screen shots, release dates, user reviews, and cheats. While not designed to actually play the games themselves, the application serves as a pocket library for gaming information as well as a quick way to research, rent, and buy titles.

X3: Terran Conflict launches on the Mac

The immersive sci-fi space simulator and strategy game from Virtual Programming is now available for download.

Rock Band for iPhone

It's not that this iPhone version of the console sensation is a bad game -- it's just disappointing. Instead of pushing the genre forward, Electronic Arts has delivered a game that's not all that different from the many other tapping-interface apps you'll find in the App Store.

Buffalo MiniStation Metro

The MiniStation Metro gains an innovative design, but loses at bit in terms of performance.

Red Alert has an October surprise for iPhone gamers

Electronic Arts plans to bring the Cold War-themed Command and Conquer: Red Alert to the iPhone and iPod touch later this month -- October 23 to be precise.

Western Digital launches WD TV Live

Western Digital announced Tuesday its new WD TV Live HD Media Player.

Rock Band ready to rock out on the iPhone this month

EA Mobile says the iPhone version of the popular music game should hit the App Store sometime this month.

Iomega releases ‘green’ StorCenter ix2-200 NAS device

Iomega today launched its latest network-attached storage unit, the StorCenter ix2-200

First Look: LaCie Starck Hard Drives

The Starck Desktop Hard Drive and the Starck Mobile Hard Drive are stylish, Mac-friendly aluminum USB drives that feature sturdy aluminum exteriors, unconventionally slick curves, and a wealth of enticing features that should excite hardware enthusiasts this fall.

Battle Bears for iPhone

This twisted first-person shooter -- in which you're a brown teddy bear battling pink teddy bears who want to hug you to death -- has a handful of flaws with its gameplay and save system. But if you've got the right mindset (an immature one), Battle Bears can be a guilty pleasure.

iNabler for iPhone

Providing a different type of entertainment than gaming, iNabler's unique focus is on comedy. This app won't make you more productive but it will keep you entertained with its decidedly warped aphorisms.

First look: Eliminate

Snipe your enemies through a scope. Buy sci-fi weapons in your quest for multiplayer supremacy. Own some noobs. Sound like another high-end, first-person shooter for the PC? Wrong. Thanks to Ngmoco, online multiplayer FPS action is coming to the iPhone.

Earth Vs. Moon for iPhone

Earth Vs. Moon doesn't shy away from the comparisons to old-school gaming; rather, it seems to relish and enjoy the campiness of arcade games long gone. It's not that deep of a game, but it's ideally shorted for short bursts of fun.