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Bioshock arrives on the Mac October 7

In addition to announcing a release date for the heavily anticipated game, Feral Interactive also has published system requirements for Mac users.

Asphalt 5, Sniper trailers pave the way for new iPhone games

New trailers from Gameloft and Com2uS give iPhone gamers a flavor of what to expect from the upcoming Asphalt 5 and Sniper vs. Sniper releases, respectively.

Hands on with Real Soccer 2010

Real Soccer 2009 was one of the better sports games on the iPhone and iPod touch. For the 2010 edition, Gameloft has added more leagues and teams as well as real players' names. In addition, Real Soccer 2010 offers multiplayer functionality. Chris Holt has a preview.

Blades of Fury for iPhone

Dedicated fighting fans will recognize the debt that Blades of Fury owes to some classic console fighting games, but give this iPhone game credit: It offers intuitive combat, explosive action, and the graphics are some of the best we’ve seen on the iPhone platform to date.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm for iPhone

Despite some flaws -- sync issues, bugs, terrible dialogue and a rushed plot -- Modern Combat: Sandstorm is arguably the best first-person shooter yet to hit the iPhone and iPod touch. Give full credit to Gameloft for coming up with some refined combat controls.

Rocstor Rocpro 850 500GB

The Rocpro 850 500GB is a solid performer in our benchmarking tests and is further recommended by a strong warranty and a competitive price.

Sentinel 2 for iPhone

Combining predictable defensive strategies with powerful Sentinel abilities to create some truly epic (if long-winded) battles, Sentinel 2 gives you lots of fireworks that help obscure how thin the game's variety truly is.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

Fans of the Civilization series appreciate how rich and rewarding a world simulator Sid Meier has created. Beyond the Sword gives you more of the same, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Madden NFL 10 for iPhone

The initial release of this iPhone edition of the renowned sports gaming franchise is not without some quirks that will likely be smoothed out in subsequent updates. But make no mistake -- Madden NFL 10 for the iPhone and iPod touch lives up to the Madden name.

First look: Madden NFL 10 for the iPhone

Madden NFL 10 has all the makings of a great iPhone game and an application that is true to the source material.

Hands On with The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition is headed to Mac and PC later this year. Chris Holt got an up-close look at a development build of the new game and has a report.

Rocstor Airhawk A9

If the hard drive market is nothing but a sea of similarly priced gray boxes, then Rocstor’s Airhawk A9 is something of an anomaly.

Duke Nukem 3D for iPhone

Unplayable controls, missing multiplayer functionality, and middling graphics make this rehash of Duke Nukem little more than nostalgia for old-school gamers.

Iomega eGo Mac Edition 500GB

Known for its iconic sleek designs, Iomega updated to the eGo hard-drive line with improved speeds and more versatile connectivity.

Civilization Revolution for iPhone

Many gaming companies brought watered-down, portable versions of their games to the iPhone. But the team behind Civilization Revolution has created a complex and deep strategy game that's approachable and intuitive for new players.