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Chris is a former Macworld editor who has turned to a life of crime.

Capcom makes mobile gaming news at E3

Capcom revealed Street Fighter Volt, a pet-shop sim that uses monsters instead of cuddly critters, and an amusement-park sim.

ioSafe SoloPro 1TB

Meant to survive conditions that standard hard drives cannot--namely fires and floods--an ioSafe drive such as the SoloPro may be ideal when you’re worried about the worst thing imaginable happening to your home.

Mooniacs set to invade iOS

Monsters from space are set to invade your iOS device. But don’t worry, they’re the friendly kind. In Namco’s new flick-based puzzle game, Mooniacs, you need to help several stranded aliens recover their ship parts and find their friends.

GDC Roundup: Blackstar, DJ Rivals, and Death Rally announced

The Game Developers Conference wrapped up last week, and many new games were announced. Here are a few that stood out.

GDC: Sketch Nation 2 offers casual game creator for iPad

Developed by Engineous Games, Sketch Nation 2 is a game creation app for the iPhone and that allows you to create your own iOS game -- and then post it on the App Store.

Video: Hot products from the Game Developers Conference 2011

Macworld Staff Editor Serenity Caldwell and Editorial Intern Stephanie Kent dropped by the Game Developers Conference at San Francisco's Moscone Center to see the hot products on the show floor. While there were many cool games and technologies, three gadgets stood out from the rest.

GDC: Hands on with games from EA Mobile and Chillingo

Electronic Arts’ EA Mobile and Chillingo divisions unveiled their latest iOS game titles at the Game Developers Conference.

Hands on with Firemint’s Agent Squeek

Will lightning strike thrice? That’s what Firemint is hoping for with their soon-to-be-released new franchise, Agent Squeak.

Sega announces Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing for iOS

Sega announced on Monday that Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing will be coming soon to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Nancy Drew interactive book series comes to iOS

On Wednesday, Her Interactive, a game developer for the Mac and iOS platforms geared towards young women and teenage girls, launched the first in a new series centered around iconic detective, Nancy Drew.

Apple shareholders reject succession plan proposal

On Wednesday, Apple shareholders traveled from far and wide for the company's annual shareholder meeting at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, rejecting a proposal to create an official CEO succession plan.

Lego Universe

Lego Universe is an ambitious and epic MMORPG that is saddled with expectations that no game could deliver on. Kids will love jumping around to the various Lego-themed worlds, but adults and long-time Lego maniacs will find the Universe to be far too small, and the tools far too clunky to replace the real life blocks.

First Look: Dragon Age II is gorgeous, violent

On March 8, when Dragon Age II launches in North America, Mac users will be able to get their hands on the hotly-anticipated sequel the same day.

Namco brings wrestling and casual titles to iOS

On Tuesday, Namco Bandai showed off some very large biceps by unveiling TNA Wrestling Impact for the iOS and its latest casual puzzler, Bird Zapper.

Expo Notes: Hands on with the Fling Game Controller for iPad

Ten One Design's Fling Game Controller takes the "virtual" out of "virtual joystick," attaching to your iPad's touch screen for more responsive controls in compatible games. Chris Holt took the iPad accessory out for a spin on the Macworld Expo showfloor and shares some first impressions.