Chris McVeighContributor, Macworld

Chris McVeigh is an author, illustrator and toy photographer who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Pixelmator 2.0 provides powerful image editing in a sleek package

Pixelmator 2.0 offers an incredibly rare combination of ease of use, powerful features, and a low price tag.

ScreenFlow 3.0 rises above ordinary screen capture utilities

Anyone who wants to create slick tutorial videos should seriously consider ScreenFlow 3.0, a rare gem that does everything right.

Create scalable vector halftones in Illustrator

Halftones are especially important for graphic artists working with a limited number of colors because they give nuance to otherwise flat artwork. Chris McVeigh walks us through the process.

How to mask soft, undefined edges in Photoshop

Making masks for objects with blurry, soft edges.

Creator Express 8.5.2 offers advanced page layout on a budget

Creator Express is a swift, inexpensive, and capable page layout tool that offers a number of professional-level features. It’s a shame that it's held back by an awkward, antiquated interface and poor antialiasing.

How to create vector masks in Photoshop

Looking to upgrade your masking skills? Here's how to make a precise, easily editable vector mask in Photoshop CS4 or CS5.

Logo Design Studio Pro 2.1

Lots of folks need help creating a corporate identity for small businesses. This promising software package is marred by bugs.

cf/x collage 1.2.4

Collage maker lets you create beautiful photo collages quickly and easily.

cf/x alpha 1.2.5

Photo collage creator lets you produce sophisticated and stylish images.

Create custom alert sounds for your Mac

Originally composed custom alerts add character to your Mac system and are very easy to produce. Chris McVeigh takes you through the steps.

Merge multiple photos into a panorama

Shooting scenic photos is an art in itself, but placing them into a panorama requires some simple software know-how. Chris McVeigh walks you through the process of creating a gorgeous pano.

Bend and stretch with Puppet Warp

Photoshop CS5's new Puppet Warp tool has an odd name and looks intimidating. But Chris McVeigh breaks it down so that anyone can use it.

Original photo mosaics make great gifts

Did you ever admire those large images that were actually made up of hundreds of smaller pictures? You too can create a mosaic. Chris McVeigh walks you through the steps using his favorite mosaic software.

Create a gift collage from your favorite photos

Shape Collage helps you create gorgeous and personal holiday gifts suitable for framing.

Make customized t-shirts with your Mac

Making a holiday gift is often hit-and-miss; but you can rarely go wrong with a nicely designed T-shirt.