Christa MrganContributor, Macworld

Christa designs quality audio software for Rogue Amoeba. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, daughter and cat, where she eats kale chips and plays the banjo non-ironically.

The past and promise of the Apple TV

Seven years into its TV experiment, why Apple’s digital media receiver continues to frustrate users with its wasted potential.

Why iOS 7's design is bold but flawed

iOS 7's new design has engendered plenty of both praise and criticism. While some of the choices have designer Christa Mrgan concerned, she's also excited by the overall direction.

instagram vs flickr

Why I still prefer Instagram to Flickr

Christa Mrgan was an early Flickr devotee, but its lousy iOS app pushed her to switch to Instagram. Now, despite Flickr's much-improved iPhone experience, she still calls Instagram home.