Choosing a page style

Not sure what the difference is between various iWeb pages? Here’s a breakdown of what you can—and can’t—do with each page.

Relief for overcrowded navigation bars

iWeb’s Blog and Podcast pages let you create multiple entries, which then link off a main page. But when it comes to uploading photos, you can easily end up with several dozen Photos pages, all clogging up your site’s navigation menu. Web designers have long solved this problem by creating submenus. Although iWeb doesn’t offer an automatic way of creating submenus, you can do it.

Getting started with iWeb

Getting off to a good start on your own Web page isn't hard, as long as you have a solid plan. Here's a step-by-step guide to adding elements to your site, including text, images, movies and podcasts.

This old homepage

Building a .Mac HomePage is simple, but organizing a HomePage site can be more difficult than you might think. This article will show you how to use .Mac’s built-in tools.

Add a favicon to your .Mac pages

Ever wonder how to get that little icon next to the URL? We’ll show you how.

Syncing things up

Apple built .Mac syncing directly into Tiger. Chuck Toporek looks at what this enhancend syncing ability will mean to Mac users.