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Cliff is a regular contributor to Macworld UK.

Napoleon: Total War review: explore the complexities of the battlefield

Feral Interactive's latest has plenty of challenge for fans of historical warfare.

Brave New World review: must-have for Civilization V fans

Brave New World really epitomizes what the Civilization series is all about.

Review: Prime World: Defenders an enjoyable tower-defense game for Mac

Prime World: Defenders is a simple but challenging tower-defense game with attractive 3D graphics.

Review: Max Payne 3 for Mac

Fans of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino or The Sopranos should enjoy this violent film noir action game.

Review: Flashout 3D for Mac blatantly wears its influences on its sleeve

This racing game is fun for a moment, but it's not very challenging.

Review: Aliens are back for more in Anomaly 2 for Mac

Anomaly 2 is an enjoyable tower-attack game. The multiplayer mode available on the Mac and PC versions provides enough of a challenge to make it worth buying.

Review: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing for Mac

All Star Racing isn’t a particularly difficult or challenging game so it will probably only appeal to very young players.

Review: Wargame: European Escalation a challenging strategy game

Wargame: European Escalation is a technically accomplished and challenging strategy game that will definitely appeal to hardened strategy gamers.

Review: Race a worldwide range of tracks with Grid

If you just want to put your foot to the floor and go all out for some high-speed racing action, then Grid is the game for you.

Review: Legend of Grimrock for Mac

The Legend of Grimrock may be a little old-fashioned, and the lack of a really engaging storyline is a bit disappointing. However, it’s a well-made game that really offers a tough and satisfying challenge for people who can remember playing Dungeons and Dragons on graph paper on rainy Sunday afternoons

Review: Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders for Mac

You don’t have to be a flight-sim buff to enjoy Storm Raiders, as it very much puts its emphasis on action and aerial warfare. The mix of single-player and multiplayer modes provide enough variety to keep you flying for weeks on end.

Review: The Book Of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles for Mac

The rather convoluted puzzles in The Critter Chronicles can be either frustrating or challenging, depending on your point of view.

Review: Gemini Wars is slow, but can be challenging

Gemini Wars is a solid and challenging strategy game, with some impressive graphics in the combat scenes.

Review: The Good Life is a decent tycoon game

The Good Life is a worthwhile addition to the tycoon genre, and its attractive tropical setting provides a relaxing dose of wish-fulfillment for office-bound gamers.

Review: Pid an old-fashioned platform game with modern anti-gravity gameplay

Pid is a good old-fashioned 2D side-scrolling platform game, with charming hand-drawn animated graphics.