Intel: Processors to perform 300 percent better by 2010

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told attendees at the company's developer conference about new manufacturing techniques that will see performance increases of 300 percent in the coming years.

Skype slips into business

The Voice Over IP (VOIP) software Skype is earning a place on the desktops of many businesses looking for creative ways to reduce the cost of telecommunications -- especially companies that communicate globally.

Australia PC recycling takes a bite out of Apple

Apple hasn't yet started a recycling program in Australia.

Microsoft snubs IBM's Power offer

Microsoft may be making its Xbox 360 run on PowerPC processors but that doesn’t mean that Windows will, if recent comments are any indication.

Macs replace university's Linux desktops

Hope of Linux tackling the desktop market has suffered a reality check with the University of Melbourne’s Trinity College dumping the penguin in favor of Unix cousin Mac OS X, not x86-based rival, Windows.

Judge declares SCO's lack of evidence 'astonishing'

In a sign that the long-running battle between IBM Corp. and the SCO Group Inc. over alleged copyright infringement may be winding down, U.S. district court judge Dale Kimball has labelled SCO's ability to provide evidence to support its case as astonishing and has denied the company's motion to dismiss a key counterclaim by IBM.

Hotmail founder plans antispam startup

Sabeer Bhatia is a man not short on ideas. The man who extracted US$400 million from Microsoft Corp. by selling it Hotmail is planning to launch a new venture countering his creation's biggest curse to date -- spam. Speaking to an audience of technology entrepreneurs in Sydney, Australia last week, Hotmail co-founder Bhatia revealed he will shortly unleash a new product to liberate in-boxes of unsolicited offers of sex, drugs and scams.