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Apple event invite sparks new spike in trade-ins

Apple's cryptic invitation on Tuesday to an event set for next week triggered another surge in trade-in activity by consumers wanting to unload older iPhones.

Spammers already targeting Google Buzz

Websense said its security analysts found that spam had started spreading through the new Google Buzz social network just two days after its unveiling.

Mozilla expects to release Firefox 3.0 final in June

Mozilla Corp. Thursday confirmed that it will release the final beta of Firefox 3.0 shortly, and that it expects to deliver the finished browser to users in June.

Google Apps in 2008: Less may not be more

The elegant minimalism of Google's search engine has yet to pay dividends with its Web-based online productivity suite.

Intuit fixes QuickBooks flaw that erases data from desktop

Intuit's QuickBooks 2006 and 2007 accidentally deleted data from some Mac users' desktops as part of a recent update, according to reports.

Opinion: Buy an iPhone this holiday season?

Computerworld polls a panel of editors on whether or not the iPhone should be part of your gift-giving this year.

Man sentenced to 110 years for hacking, extortion

A North Carolina man last week was sentenced to 110 years in prison after admitting that he and a co-conspirator hacked into computers used by young girls and used illicitly gained data to blackmail them.

Facebook will let users turn off Beacon advertising system

Slammed by a firestorm of criticism over privacy concerns related to its recently unveiled Beacon advertising system, Facebook announced a new privacy control that will let users turn off Beacon completely.

iPhone season? Or open season on the iPhone?

Well, it’s the moment of truth for this year’s holiday shopping season: iPhone, yes or no?

Opinion: Why Amazon's Kindle is revolutionary

Mike Elgan reveals some surprising facts about Amazon’s Kindle.

Google lets users edit Google Maps locations

Google announced that registered Google users in the U.S. and Australia can move incorrect markers for their homes or businesses to the correct locations in Google Maps.

MySpace, Facebook ad plans violate privacy, groups tell FTC

Two consumer advocacy groups have asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether new advertising initiatives announced last week by social networking sites MySpace and Facebook adequately protect consumer privacy.

Intel's 45nm Penryn desktop to pack a big wallop

Intel’s new 45-nanometer chip for the desktop, part of the newly released Penryn family, should give gamers, researchers and serious multitaskers a significant performance boost, according to analysts.

Questions abound on firing of Microsoft's CIO

Microsoft's decision to fire CIO Stuart Scott has led to questions about not only why he was terminated, but why Microsoft has announced it publicly.

Microsoft fires CIO for violating corporate policies

Microsoft has fired its CIO after it was determined that he had violated company policies.