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Apple '1984' ad mashup markets Barack Obama, not Macs

A remix of the classic Apple “1984” television advertisement has political tongues wagging, Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign issuing denials and YouTube scoring more than 600,000 views.

Firefox, Safari hit by fewer flaws than IE in 2006

Mozilla’s Firefox suffered from 26 percent fewer vulnerabilities in the second half of 2006 than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, a security company’s research said Monday.

Analysis: Will Apple TV be bigger than iPhone?

Apple TV has the potential to be big for the company, outdoing Microsoft's Windows Media Center.

Pennsylvania university pulls PC plug, goes all-Mac

Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. has gone all-Mac, thanks in part to Apple's switch to Intel processors.

Cracking Google's 'secret sauce' algorithm

Webmasters, Web content creators and other struggle to understand the exact formula of Google's "secret sauce" -- its system for ranking Web pages in its search engine.

MacBook burns, user says battery at fault

A MacBook user claims that his laptop burst into flames because of a bad battery.

Microsoft: Office won't go online

Despite increasing competition from services like Google's Apps Premier, Microsoft plans to deliver future versions of Office as software and not as an online service, the head of the company's business group says.

DST change appears to be smooth in the US

The early change this year to daylight-saving time has gone relatively smoothly, according to most sources, despite eleventh-hour changes in strategy at some companies.

Gates keeps top billionaire spot

Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chairman, was the world’s richest person for the 14th consecutive year, Forbes announced yesterday as it debuted its mogul rankings for 2006.

Opinion: Apple consumer Macs are enterprise-worthy

The iMac and MacBook are ready to move into the enterprise, global IT management consultant Seth Weintraub argues, if IT decision-makers can get over their prejudice against equipment that's traditionally been aimed at consumers.

Microsoft tars Google with profiting off pirates

Microsoft Tuesday said that reports published last month claiming that Google Inc. profited from sites pimping pirated movies and software show why copyright holders shouldn’t trust the search company.

Apple could get $900 million boost from CS3 launch

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster believes an Intel-native version of Adobe’s Creative Suite will boost Mac sales.

Gates: US risks losing technology leadership role

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said Wednesday that he feels “deep anxiety” over the ability of the U.S. to compete globally and added that the country is risking its technology leadership because of failures in its education system and immigration policies and inadequate research spending.

Apple exec disses Vista as no threat to Leopard

Apple’s CFO said Tuesday that Windows Vista is no threat to Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” and argued that the steep hardware requirements of Microsoft’s new operating system will give Leopard an opportunity to step in and grab more market share.

Tool cracks Vista activation for the ultrapatient

A Web site posted a tool Thursday that can apparently crack Windows Vista’s activation process by applying brute force — and lots of time — to come up with valid product keys.