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Memo: Microsoft threatened to shut down Mac Office in '97

According to a 1997 memo made public as part of a recently-settled antitrust case, Microsoft threatened to drop Office 98 development while in talks with a then-struggling Apple.

Vista activation crack a 'joke,' says hacker

The unknown hacker who claimed last week that a tool he’d created could generate valid Windows Vista activation codes has admitted that the crack was cracked.

CompUSA to shutter more than half its stores

CompUSA will close more than half of its retail computer and electronics stores in the next two to three months.

Vista's interface a 'step back,' analyst says

The interface of Microsoft's Vista is a step back, especially when compared to OS X, user interface analyst Andreas Pfeiffer says.

Opinion: The decline and fall of the Palm empire

Mike Elgan has written a pre-emptive epitaph for once-mighty Palm.

Analysts: Apple TKOs Cisco in iPhone bout

Analysts weigh in with Computerworld on the ramifications of the deal between Apple and Cisco Systems to share the iPhone trademark.

Create your own NBA highlight reels

The NBA unveiled a new video mashup tool on its Web site that allows fans to build customized video mashups on the site.

Safari gains browser share, as Firefox dips

While Mozilla's Firefox browser lost market share last month, Safari continued to gain ground, indicating an uptick in the use of Mac OS X, a Web metrics company said.

Analyst: Time is right for Palm sale

At least one industry analysts thinks handheld maker Palm should put itself up for sale, with Apple included among the list of potential suitors.

Analyst: Apple market share to slip temporarily

Even though his own research shows Vista is selling fewer copies than expected, analyst Gene Munster still says that a push towards sales of new PCs with Vista pre-installed will hurt Apple's marketshare.

Opinion: Why the iPhone will change the (PC) world

Whether the iPhone is a success or not, Apple's forthcoming phone will be remembered as the first major step toward the third-generation PC interface, Computerworld's Mike Elgan writes.

Bank of America to launch mobile banking

Bank of America will soon make its online banking accessible to mobile customers using cell phones.

64 DVDs on a disc: holographic storage to ship

InPhase Technologies has announced it will start bulk shipments of the first holographic disc drive; each platter can store 300GB of data.

Campaigns tread carefully into world of Web 2.0

Presidential candidates are using the Web more than ever in preparation of the 2008 election.

Vista not playing nice with gamers

Hardcore gamers are hopping mad about Microsoft Vista's deficiencies in gaming, from crashing on games made for XP to problems with graphics, to a lack of support for new Vista gaming technologies.