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Warner chief calls Jobs' DRM fight 'without logic'

The CEO of one of the four major record companies rejected Steve Jobs' suggestion that online music be sold without copy protection.

Samsung unveils its iPhone killer

Samsung is releasing a new media-centric phone designed to be an "iPhone killer."

Microsoft makes a U-turn, keeps Hotmail name

Microsoft has made an about-face and decided to keep the Hotmail name for its Web-based e-mail service, rather than Windows Live Mail.

iPod use on New York state streets could mean fines

A New York state senator plans to introduce legislation that would ban people from listening to music players that would hamper their awareness of their surroundings when crossing the street.

Microsoft raises Vista tech support costs for consumers

Microsoft customers who buy Vista and Office 2007 are now paying more for less support than they got before.

Why pirated Vista has Microsoft champing at BitTorrent

BitTorrent hsa become a popular way for people to steal software, including software not yet available to the general public, such as Microsoft's forthcoming consumer releases of Vista and Office 2007.

Opinion: Why the iPhone reminds me of Digital

The iPhone reminds John Webster of Ken Olsen's Digital Equipment, which was blindsided by the advent of the personal computer.

IPhone: The mediocre phone that will change the world

Computerworld's David Haskin asks four high-tech analysts to explain what the iPhone is, and what it is not.

Legal experts to Steve Jobs: iPhone your lawyers

Trademark lawyers say Cisco Systems seems to have a strong case against Apple in its trademark infringement suit over the iPhone name.

Microsoft woos bloggers with free computers, Vista

Microsoft and AMD's decision to give influential bloggers free PCs is making some in the blogosphere raise claims of payola.

CES: This device brings broadband to the car

A new product to be released in March will turn your car into a rolling Wi-Fi hot spot.

Opinion: A review of Apple in '06, a glance at '07

Yuval Kossovsky opines about Apple's place in the enterprise in 2006 and prognosticates about what's to come in 2007.

Report blames Denver election woes on flawed software

Poor software design, serious IT management inefficiencies and an untested deployment of a critical application were all major factors in last month’s Election Day problems in Denver, according to a scathing report from an IT consultant.

Microsoft exec praised Mac to 'change Vista process'

Windows development chief James Allchin says in a blog posting that his comments in a three-year-old e-mail about Vista development going astray were "purposefully dramatic" to drive home a point to fellow Microsoft executives Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Windows development chief 'would buy a Mac'

Windows' own development chief said in an internal company e-mail that he would buy a Mac if he wasn't working for Microsoft.