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Oregon challenges RIAA university subpoena

The state of Oregon is hoping to halt a subpoena by the Recording Industry Association of America looking to reveal the identity of 17 University of Oregon students alleged to have infringed music copyrights.

Some libraries close books to Google, Microsoft

Some libraries are paying to have their content digitized rather than letting it be scanned for free, because of access.

10 things that should be in Apple's next Mac Pro

Rumors that Apple is switching the Mac Pro to a new Intel chip design has Seth Weintraub thinking about the other things he'd like to see Apple do to its pro desktop hardware line.

Opinion: iPod touch is a business tool, too

Computerworld's Seth Weintraub argues that the iPod touch has enough practical features to make it the perfect tool for business users.

RIAA could bolster campaign against file sharing

The RIAA will try to use its recent victory in a file-sharing case against a Minnesota woman to push other similar cases to settle, according to experts.

Four new phones coming for holidays from Verizon

Verizon introduced four new wireless phones, including the LG Voyager, whose touch screen has some analysts comparing it to Apple's iPhone.

Computerworld: Yahoo overhauls its search engine

Yahoo announced significant enhancements to its search engine that will lead to faster searches and more accurate results, the company said.

Adobe releases Media Player beta, boosts SaaS

Adobe is releasing a beta version of its Media Player and is making other related announcements.

AT&T suspends parental blocking on wireless service

AT&T has suspended a call-blocking feature in its Smart Limits plans for wireless phones, including the iPhone.

Prince fights YouTube, eBay over copyrighted content

Music industry icon Prince is picking a fight with YouTube over unauthorized use of video content on the video-sharing Web site.

Mozilla spins off Thunderbird e-mail client

Mozilla spun off its Thunderbird e-mail client into a new for-profit subsidiary, in a move reminiscent of the one that created the Mozilla Corp. to manage the Firefox Web browser.

In-flight Internet takes to US skies

Alaska Airlines has announced that it will test a high-speed satellite wireless Internet service on its aircraft next year.

Analysis: Macs on the network, time to panic?

Computerworld looks at whether the Mac will gain more of a foothold in corporate networks.

Study reveals huge disparity between news sites

A new study reveals the difference between mainstream news sites and sites that allow users to determine what is newsworthy, such as Digg and

Gates says goodbye at Microsoft annual meeting

Bill Gates' swan song speech to Microsoft employees gathered at last week's annual meeting was tepidly received, according to bloggers.