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First Look: Computerworld's Guided Tour of Leopard Server

Computerworld's Yuval Kossovsky leads a first look at the upcoming update to Apple's server operating system.

Zune: So you want to be an iPod killer

Microsoft's Zune isn't an iPod killer -- but here's how it could be.

Novell backs away from Ballmer comments on Linux

Novell is distancing itself from comments made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that Linux infringes on Microsoft patents.

Ballmer: Linux users owe Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claims that Linux infringes on Microsoft's intellectual property.

Smartphones put BlackBerry under siege

After dominating the Enterprise market the BlackBerry is facing competition from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Get Firefox 2.0 early from Mozilla's FTP servers

The Mozilla Foundation has posted a public release of Firefox 2.0, the new version of its Web browser now with anti-phishing controls and more -- publicly on its FTP servers, ahead of an update to its Web site expected tomorrow.

Wikipedia co-founder to launch competing project

One of the founders of Wikipedia is starting a competing project that he hopes will overcome one of Wikipedia's most contentious problems -- the accuracy of its entries.

ICANN: We can't shut down Spamhaus

ICANN can't comply with a court order to suspend the Internet service of the Spamhaus Project, it said in a statement.

What you need to know about stock options, backdating

Corporate scandals over the backdating of stock options may have left you confused about the practice. Here's a primer about what it is and why it's bad.

Could a 30-in. monitor help you do your job faster?

A study commissioned by Apple concludes that a 30-inch display can help boost worker productivity, but not everyone agrees.

Geek speak driving new wave of spam

Embedding "geek speak" keywords such as .Net, cpan, xss and Java helps spam get around Bayesian filters meant to stop it, reports MessageLabs.

Pretexting ban signed into law in California

Although the U.S. Congress hasn't voted on issue, pretexting is now illegal in the state of California, thanks to a law signed by the state's governor.

Opinion: Why MS's Zune scares Apple to the core

Mike Elgan thinks Microsoft's Zune is going to be a strong competitor to the iPod -- thanks in part to Microsoft's alliances with content providers and Microsoft's creation of a "perfect storm" of consumer media.

Intel: Processors to perform 300 percent better by 2010

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told attendees at the company's developer conference about new manufacturing techniques that will see performance increases of 300 percent in the coming years.

Opinion: A Mac fan takes on Vista

A long time Mac user finds many superficial similarities between Microsoft's Vista and Mac OS X, but is less impressed with what lies underneath.