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Skype slips into business

The Voice Over IP (VOIP) software Skype is earning a place on the desktops of many businesses looking for creative ways to reduce the cost of telecommunications -- especially companies that communicate globally.

Massachusetts confirms it will stay on Office for now

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will continue to use Microsoft Office but plans to support the OpenDocument Format (ODF) as well.

Gartner: IP screen phones a waste

Market research and analysis firm Gartner on Friday published a report that says 75 percent of IP-based phone purchases over the next five years will be a waste of money.

Survey: US firms lose laptops with sensitive data

A new survey shows that losing laptops that contain confidential data is a pervasive problem among U.S. companies.

Apple fails to meet Norwegian iTunes demands

Norwegian consumer authorities are not pleased with the reply from Apple Computer to demands that the company change some of its iTunes Music Store policies.

Boston to use nonprofit group to run its Wi-Fi network

A nonprofit corporation will build and operate ubiquitous wireless networking in Boston, according to officials.

Vonage: From darling to disaster

With a series of high-profile lawsuits, a bungled initial public offering (IPO) and a regulatory melee over its E911 efforts, voice-over-IP pioneer Vonage is looking more like a lost cause than a cause celebrate, according to industry experts.

Study: Google's US search market share still climbing

Google's sites were used for 44.7 percent of all online searches in the U.S., according to a new study by comScore Networks.

Australia PC recycling takes a bite out of Apple

Apple hasn't yet started a recycling program in Australia.

Firefox use growing around the world, study says

After a brief period of little growth this spring, The Mozilla Foundation’s open-source Firefox Web browser is again gaining ground.

Belgian gov't moves toward OpenDocument format

Belgium has approved the use of the OpenDocument format as a way to exchange government documents -- another blow to the supremacy of Microsoft Office.

Sun joins AJAX standards groups

Sun Microsystems has announced plans to join the OpenAjax Alliance and the Dojo Foundation as part of its efforts to influence emerging standards for AJAX.

Opinion: After Gates, the new world of Oz

Mark Hall takes a look at the new Microsoft under Ray Ozzie.

Move over Excel, here comes Google Spreadsheets

Google plans to launch an online spreadsheet that may encroach on Microsoft's territory with Excel.

Gartner sees declining need for tech skills

The need for employees with specific IT skills will decline 10 percent per year as companies move to commodity and virtualized systems, according to Gartner Inc.