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Study: US consumers losing trust in online banking

U.S. consumers are not as enamored with online banking as they once were and are citing online security as their top concern, according to a report.

Man sentenced to 35 months for software piracy

A man arrested in Thailand for software piracy was sentenced this week in a software piracy case.

AOL lays off 1,300 workers in the U.S.

AOL Tuesday said it will lay off 1,300 workers at AOL customer service call centers in Arizona, Utah and Florida.

Utility's disk drives -- and data -- sold on eBay

Idaho Power recycled hard drives that were not scrubbed of personal informaiton.

Porn industry may be decider in Blu-ray, HD-DVD battle

Some industry insiders believe the pornography industry will be the deciding factor when it comes to the dominance of competing Blu-Ray or HD-DVD formats.

SANS notes sharp increase in Mac OS X flaws

A new report shows an increase in the number of flaws discovered in Mac OS X.

New Hampshire says FBI probe shows no data breach

The FBI has concluded that a password recovery program found on a New Hampshire government server was never activated.

ComScore: Web traffic up as Americans explore travel

Spring was in the air in March as more Americans logged onto Web sites for help in getting ready for vacations and enjoying the warmer weather.

Computerworld: Hands on with Apple Remote Desktop 3

Apple Remote Desktop 3 added many new features -- Computerworld has a look at them.

Group protests e-mails blocked by AOL

AOL is being accused of purposely blocking emails from a group opposed to its email tax.

Embrace of Windows buffs up Mac's appeal for IT

Apple’s Boot Camp will make it easier to deploy Macs.

IT to Apple: Boot me up

Boot Camp’s possibilities for IT comes down to how Apple will ultimately define its support of Windows.

Computerworld: Running Windows on a Mac

From Computerworld, here are some answers to common questions about Boot Camp, the Apple software that allows you to boot into Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac.

Firefox breaks 10 percent, Safari comes in third

Firefox gained enough users in March to grab 10 percent of the Web browser market -- Apple's Safari is the third most popular browser with Microsoft's IE in first place.

IRS still putting taxpayer data at risk

The IRS is continuing to put taxpayer data at risk, according to a report from the US GAO.