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Computerworld: Unfolding Origami

If you're wondering what all the hype is over Microsoft's Origami ultramobile PC, this Computerworld FAQ will shed some light on things.

Blackberry maker settles patent fight with $612M payment

RIM has announced that it has agreed to pay $612.5 million to NTP Inc. to settle the long-running legal fight between the two companies.

Jeeves the butler is out of a job

Jeeves the butler, the face of the Ask Jeeves Web site in recent years, took a forced retirement Monday -- axed in favor of

BlackBerry users relieved service will continue for now

BlackBerry users reacted to Friday's court hearing on the patent fight between NTP Inc. and Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) with relief that the judge did not order a shutdown of the popular e-mail service.

As court case looms, RIM and NTP fight war of words

NTP and RIM are taking the final hours before their patent infringement case goes to a judge to escalate a war of words.

Computerworld: Hands-on with the Intel iMac

What are other people saying about the iMac Core Duo? Ken Mingis of Computerworld takes the first Intel-based Mac out for a test spin and talks to Apple’s senior director for desktop product marketing, Tim Boger.

User concerns mount over possible BlackBerry shutdown

BlackBerry users are panicked about the possibility that the wireless e-mail and voice service could be shut down -- and IT managers are scrambling to arrange backup systems.

South Park makers turn to Apple for new storage setup

South Park Studios has made the switch to Apple's Xserve RAID storage systems.

Study: US government should encourage e-recycling

The federal government needs to make it cheaper for businesses and people to recycle electronic equipment, says a federal agency.

Aperture: Real workflow for professional photographers

While on hand for Apple Computer Inc.’s big professional announcements on Wednesday, I saw a demonstration of Aperture, its latest software offering for the professional market. A lot of people immediately began comparing it to Adobe Photoshop, but there is no way to compare this to any other application out there. This application is truly unique. Aperture replicates, in the digital space, the way photographers for years have worked in the analog world.

Google, Sun team up on software, Web-based apps

Google Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. are collaborating to promote Sun's open source software.

Hacker hits university employee records server

About 1,600 current and former employees of the University of Georgia are being notified that their Social Security numbers, stored on a campus server, may have been seen by a hacker operating from a foreign country. In an announcement yesterday, the Athens-based school said the security breach was discovered Sept. 19 by university IT staffers and that the intrusion was stopped. No credit card information was accessed during the incident, the university said.

W3C objects to US Copyright Office's browser plan

The World Wide Web Consortium is protesting a proposal that would require applicants using online claim forms at the U.S. Copyright Office to have either MS Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers installed.

US burger chain beefs up free Wi-Fi to 243 stores

The Krystal Co., a U.S. hamburger chain, has expanded free Wi-Fi access to all of its 243 company-owned locations.

A convert with a crush on his Mac

Douglas Schweitzer recounts his second anniversary as a Mac convert.