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Analysts: Safari browser makes iPod touch intriguing

The iPod touch's Web surfing abilities create 'a new product category' that will introduce users to a new portable content experience, according to analysts.

Computerworld: The iPhone at two months

After two months of steady iPhone use, Computerworld's Michael DeAgonia concludes that Apple's latest device continues the company's tradition of rocking industry complacency, with the brilliance of the iPhone shining brighter the more you use it.

Computerworld: Yahoo Photos shuts down Sept. 20

Having announced plans to shut Yahoo Photos down back in May, Yahoo said users will close the site for good on September 20, giving users a little less than a month to retrieve their images.

FCC sets Jan. 16 for 700 MHz spectrum auction

The FCC has set January 16, 2008 as the date when the 700MHz spectrum will be auctioned off, and public comments are due to them by the end of the month.

YouTube's in-video model could be the right mix

Computerworld looks at YouTube's decision to add in-video advertising to content at its popular Web site.

Evite promises mobile upgrades, site overhaul in 2008

Evite plans to launch a trio of mobile phone features later this year that would freshen up the online party-planning site, Computerworld reports.

Second lawsuit filed over iPhone battery replacement

A second class-action lawsuit has been filed against Apple and AT&T, alleging the companies failed to reveal earlier buyers of the iPhone about its non-user replacable battery.

Mac vs. PC cost analysis revisited

There’s no question about it. My Mac vs. PC cost analysis column, which focused on the relative costs of Mac and Windows hardware, struck a chord. I was praised and lambasted around the Internet for it when it appeared in June.

Weird, scary and bizarre iPhone tales

Mike Elgan plumbs all corners of the world to bring you weird, scary and bizarre tales of the iPhone.

GPS use not that high, survey shows

Only 17 percent of U.S. adults use GPS services, according to a survey of 1,325 people conducted by Harris Interactive.

For Apple, what a difference a decade makes

It's been a decade since Steve Jobs' takeover of the company he founded -- and what a decade it's been, both for Apple and Microsoft.

Portrait of a Linux iPhone-killer wannabe

A new Linux-based smartphone offers some iPhone-like features and a low price. But are carriers interested?

American Airlines to test in-flight Wi-Fi

American Airlines plans to start testing in-flight Wi-Fi services across the U.S. in 2008.

What IT staff can do if the CEO gets an iPhone

Computerworld's Seth Weintraub outlines a few easy steps that IT staffers can take to make the iPhone fit into their operation.