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Computerworld: Enterprise PC shop switches to Apple

Computerworld studies the case of Auto Warehousing Co., which is moving over to Macs to execute virtually all of its revenue-generating operations.

Computerworld: Three iPhone alternatives

Computerworld offers a sampler of three mobile phones that enjoy at least some competitive advantages over the iPhone.

With iPhone out, attention turns to second-gen model

The iPhone has only been out a week, but analysts and users are already talking about what a second-generation version of the phone might be like.

Can the iPhone handle Exchange e-mail?

The iPhone's apparently lack of ability to work with MS Exchange servers is giving IT managers pause.

Sprint's 'whyPhone' and other vendor responses

Sprint and other cell phone carriers are switching to attack mode in their marketing when it comes to the iPhone.

iForget it: Apple says no to NZ software name

A New Zealand-based software company says Apple is threatening legal action over the brand-name of an application because it's too similar to 'iPod.'

Computerworld: IT braces for iPhone debut

With the iPhone shipping at the end of this week, some IT managers are hustling to get ready to support the new devices, Computerworld reports.

Internet radio webcasters plan silent protest

U.S. webcasters plan to go silent next Tuesday to protest a royalty rate increase that would triple the amount Internet radio broadcasters would have to pay copyright holders.

Opinion: Analysts miss the point on the iPhone

No matter how hard IT administrators try, enterprise employees are going to snap up the iPhone when it ships next week. And for good reason, Computerworld's Seth Weintraub writes.

Opinion: Apple picks a fight it can't win

Mike Elgan thinks Apple's effort to bring Safari to Windows users will fail.

Is ZFS Apple's secret weapon?

Gregg Keizer gives a comprehensive look at Sun's ZFS file system, and how it may take shape in Leopard.

Wireless charging: Here at last

A recent Apple patent describes a method for charging devices like iPhones and iPods without requiring exposed metal contacts -- using inductive coils, instead.

Will AT&T's network be ready for iPhone?

AT&T says its wireless telecommunications network is continually being improved, but the company is staying mum on whether it's making any changes specifically for the iPhone.

Sun CEO spills Apple Leopard secret

On stage Wednesday in Washington D.C., Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz revealed that his company’s open-source ZFS file system will replace Apple’s long-used HFS+ in Mac OS X 10.5.

YouTube in deal to offer local television programming

Hearst-Argyle Television and YouTube will add news, weather and entertainment videos and original Hearst television programming in five local markets to the online video site.