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Apple continues to mostly ignore the enterprise

Corporate America is showing more interest in the Mac, though Apple doesn't offer sufficient support and service to enterprise customers, according to Computerworld.

Survey: Many AT&T stores have iPhone 'waiting lists'

AT&T says it isn't taking pre-orders for the iPhone, but a survey of AT&T retailers shows that many of them have unofficial waiting lists.

Mozilla may drop Firefox support for Panther

Mozilla is considering dropping Panther support for Firefox, its popular Web browser software.

Fidelity ready for iPhone, other devices

Apple's iPhone, which debuts next month, may be primarily a consumer multimedia device and wireless phone, but it is very much on the minds of some IT managers attending the Computerworld Mobile & Wireless World conference, including Fidelity Investment's Joseph Ferra.

Opinion: Did Engadget hurt Apple?

Mike Elgan contends that on the whole, the rumor mill has held more positives for Apple than negatives, Engadget's Wednesday blunder over a supposed additional delay on the iPhone and Leopard notwithstanding.

Opinion: Mac Enterprise backup options are looking up

IT managers and system administrators in enterprise environments have a new crop of applications to look to when it comes to managing Mac and Mac OS X Server backups and archives.

FAQ: 802.11n wireless networking

The faster 802.11n wireless networking spec is still causing confusion for some users; David Haskin has come to the rescue with a FAQ to explain the details.

Motorola unveils second-gen RAZR smart phone

Motorola Tuesday announced the next-generation RAZR phone, called RAZR2.

Microsoft desperate, says patent target Monday called Microsoft Corp.’s assertion that its open-source application suite violates 45 of its patents “a desperate act.”

Online clothing sales tops in 2006, Forrester finds

American consumers in 2006 for the first time spent more money online buying clothes than computers, according to a new report.

Apple fixes flaws in open-source Darwin server

Apple has updated Darwin Streaming Server, the open source project based on QuickTime Streaming Server, with security improvements.

'Final' Vista iPod fix for Vista delivered

Microsoft has released a "final" patch to correct a bug in Vista that prevented the iPod from working correctly.

Mac share of surfers doubles in 8 months

An Internet metrics analyst reports that the Mac has doubled its online marketshare in eight months.

Sun lends hand on Mac OpenOffice project

Sun Microsystems has assigned company developers to work on a Mac OS X version of the open-source productivity suite.

Jobs takes top CEO pay spot, makes $646M

Steve Jobs ranks as the highest paid CEO in the nation, according to Forbes magazine -- thanks to Jobs' generous stock compensation.