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Don't believe the hype: The 21 biggest IT flops

Computerworld lists some of the biggest IT flops in history, and Apple's been named a few times.

Vista taking a nibble out of Apple in OS wars?

A new survey shows that Vista marketshare doubled from February to March, while Mac OS X share fell for the first time in nine months. Is Vista making a dent in Mac OS X's ascent?

Harris Poll: Users balk at Vista upgrade

Microsoft's big marketing push for Vista hasn't translated into big sales, according to a new online study.

April Fools' Day pranksters: Are we having fun yet?

Eric Lai rounds up this year's bunch of April Fools' Day pranks on the Web.

EMI's decision to drop DRM good news for consumers

An analyst calls EMI's decision to offer DRM-free music via iTunes a smart move for both companies and big win for consumers.

Opinion: How Microsoft can make the Zune a success

Five months after its introduction, industry experts give Microsoft's media player barely passing grades in terms of marketplace success. Here are five things Microsoft could do to change that.

Opinion: Why Microsoft should fear Apple

A recent convert to the Mac, Computerworld's Scot Finnie explains why Microsoft should be concerned about what Apple is doing well.

Microsoft, not Apple, releases Vista iPod fix

Microsoft would seem to have corrected a problem with the iPod and its Vista operating system that Apple didn't fix with its recent iTunes 7.1.1 release.

Death threats force blogger to sidelines

Death threats have forced prominent blogger Kathy Sienna to park herself on the sidelines, lest she expose herself to unsavory elements that wish her ill. Computerworld asks her some questions in this one-on-one interview.

Microsoft owns up to Xbox Live pretexting

Users of Microsoft's Xbox Live service have been the victims of pretexting calls made to the company's support center -- allegations Microsoft initially denied.

Study links staff use of Web 2.0 to security risks

U.K. firms are at risk of data leakage through their employees’ increasing use of Web 2.0 technologies and social networking websites, security experts have warned.

Insurance company refuses to cover law firm's blog

A law firm in New Jersey has temporarily halted plans to launch a blog because its insurance company would not cover the blog under an existing malpractice insurance policy.

Microsoft probes Xbox Live hacks

Microsoft Wednesday acknowledged reports of hackers stealing player accounts on the company’s Xbox Live gaming service and said it is launching an investigation.

Is Palm for sale? Analysts abuzz

Palm, one of the handheld world’s pioneers, could be purchased this week by one of four possible buyers, according to published reports citing unnamed sources.

Google adds themes for personalizing home pages

Google has added themese to its personalized homepages.