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Danny Boy for iPhone

This adaptation of the old SoccerKid game on the Amiga platform should be fun for younger players, but it would benefit from some control improvements.

Big Buck Hunter Pro for iPhone

This iPhone version of the arcade classic features outstanding graphics and realistic movement, though the accuracy of where shots are placed is a source of frustration.

Review: iHunt for iPhone

iHunt is a simple shooting game that features three distinct shooting experiences: deer, pheasant and clay pigeons. It uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to adjust your sights, and touchscreen buttons provide the ability to change your view and fire.

Tom Bihn Zephyr

Tom Bihn's Zephyr is attractive and well-made, but you pay for that quality. It's best-suited for those with specific organizational needs.

A day late, 8GB short

After buying an iPhone on the previous day, Curt Poff finds out that Apple is now offering double the storage space on new models. So the question is: Will 8GB be enough to tide him over?

Expo Notes: Seeing Expo, Flickr-style

For the second consecutive year, we've set up a Flickr Group for all of your Macworld Expo photos, and we'd love for you to participate. Redesign: Change is at hand

We plan to launch the all-new Web site on Thursday. That means there will be numerous pieces up in the air, and we’ll be working hard to ensure all those pieces land in the proper location. So here are some things that may/may not be functioning as we do our last bit of work. beta back online

After a brief hiatus, the redesigned beta version is back online. Based on the feedback from the initial public offering, we’ve made a few changes.

All-new open to the public

Macworld is proud to offer a sneak-peak at the redesigned beta version of We’ve been hard at work on this for a while—and we still have a ways to go—but we decided to throw it open for public scrutiny.

Join our Flickr group for Expo

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well we certainly hope so, because there’s so much activity going on during Expo that we can’t possibly see it all. So we decided to try a little experiment, and ask for a little visual help.

Should YouTube win an Eddy?

Of all the 29 winners in this year's Editors' Choice Awards, none generated as much spirited debate as YouTube. And now, two editors are taking their debate public.

Against the Current

Curt Poff wonders why the tech-friendly TV network is so out of touch.

MWSF: Apple makes keynote video available

Steve Jobs’ keynote address at the Macworld Conference & Expo is available for viewing through Apple’s Web site.

The end of Explorer

You could see the writing on the wall for Internet Explorer the day Safari debuted nearly three years ago.